How To Make Beautiful Lavender Wands

How to: Lavender Wands

My daughter recently found a video HERE on making lavender wands & after watching it we decided it would be fun to try making some!

How to: Lavender Wands

The first thing you will need is lavender. It has been unseasonably warm here in the Pacific Northwest, so our lavender is already in full bloom! I think you would want to use fresh cut stems, or they may break instead of bend. We cleaned off the stems so that only the tops had flowers remaining.

How to: Lavender Wands

Gather your blooms together- you will want an odd number- I believe we used 7.

How to: Lavender Wands

You will need about a yard of ribbon- we chose ¼” turquoise chevron twill. Tie the blooms together with the ribbon- this will end up woven inside, so it doesn’t matter too much how it looks, but it does need to be secure! The first wand features 3/16” pink solid check ribbon.

How to: Lavender Wands

Now some fun weaving! You pull one stem at a time; weave your ribbon under the stem.

How to: Lavender Wands

How to: Lavender Wands

How to: Lavender Wands

You will alternate under & over each stem as you work your way around.

How to: Lavender Wands

When you get to the base tie it off! You can add another piece of ribbon for a bow if you’d like!

As you can see, by daughter was the one doing all the work here! She is a pretty patient 10 year old & she enjoyed doing it- not to mention how great it smelled as she worked! It was a lot of fun watching her!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ve been inspired! 🙂 

By Jen Shears



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