Rainbow Craft Challenge Entries {and a giveaway}


All of the entries from our Rainbow Craft Challenge are in & posted right here!  Of course, there is a chance for you to win some ribbon of your own!

First, the giveaway!  The prize up for grabs:

Your choice of 2 full spools of ribbon

All you have to do to enter to win is tell us which project(s) is your favorite!  Post your comments right here!

**For an extra chance to win, be sure to post on our Facebook Page too!**

Now for the entries:

**Please also note that, although I always love to know what you think, the winners are selected solely by The Ribbon Lady**


Butterfly Garden Tote Bag by Barbara MacAskill:

Butterfly Garden Tote Bag

Butterfly Garden Tote Bag

Butterfly Garden Tote Bag


Summer Wreath by Carmelita Cechetto-Shea

Summer Wreath


Crochet Baby Hats and Kimono Shoes by Debbie Fisher

Crochet Baby Hats and Kimono Shoes


Stitched Wall Hanging by Elizabeth Ortiz

Stitched Wall Hanging


Tissue Box Cover by Heather Thompson

Tissue Box Cover


Rainbow Cloud Hair Bow Holder by Jamie Larsen

Rainbow Cloud Hair Bow Holder


Ribbon Flower Bows by Kimberly DiLauro

Ribbon Flower Bows


Flowers & Friends Canvas by Laura Davidson

Flowers & Friends Canvas


Floral Wreath by Linda Correa

Floral Wreath


Birthday Card by Lisa Bedigian

Birthday Card


“There’s No Place Like Home” Wall Decor by Marie Otake

"There's No Place Like Home" Wall Decor


Fairy Tea Party Altered Book Box by Mary Reppe

Fairy Tea Party Altered Book Box

Fairy Tea Party Altered Book Box

Fairy Tea Party Altered Book Box


Rainy Day Layout by Melissa Whittamore

Rainy Day Layout


Summer Topiary by Michele Kosciolek

Summer Topiary


Rachelle Olaridge

'Creative Art' Canvas


Framed Kitchen Window by Terri Burson

Framed Kitchen Window


You & Me Layout by Tracy McLennon

You & Me Layout

Whew!  That is a whole lot of inspiration right there!  Thank you to all our participants that completed their projects!

The winners for the Challenge & our Giveaway will be posted on Friday August 8th!

Now start posting your favorites!






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