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1.5 Inch Metallic Knit Net Ribbon

Length: 20 Yard

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: 705-15

Gold and silver ribbons are timeless. Traditionally used for holidays and special occasions, these classic metallic hues are now used year-round when marking a special moment or occasion. This 20 yard bulk ribbon roll is comprised of both metallic and nylon yarns, meaning it has the vibrant metallic color without being extra hard or stiff to the touch. The softer weave of this netting allows it to be draped gracefully or tied into bows. Since it still is comprised of primarily metallic yarn, it can hold small bow loops with ease.

Knit, mesh, crochet or webbed ribbons go well in arrangements requiring multiple ribbons. They are lightweight enough to not overpower. Weave strings through the semi-close knit, or lay velvet on top to give the illusion of netting underneath. 1.5″ widths are great for gift wrap, as Christmas tree ribbon, intermeshed in wreaths, or used on cards and invitations as belly bands.

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  • 705-15-30 GOLD

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  • 705-15-31 SILVER

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