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4 Inch Cotton Blend Canvas with Gold Glitter Print Ribbon with Wired Edge

Length: 10 Yards

Fiber Content: 50% Poly, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon

Series SKU: 568-4

This 4-inch wired canvas ribbon is accented with beautiful holiday print and gold glitter!  With three unique holiday patterns to choose from, these ribbons will be sure to add an elegant flair to all your crafts, gifts, and special projects! Wider wired ribbons are favorites for large bows, wreath making, or tree ribbon. The wider width can easily make a dramatic statement on simple floral arrangements as well. A muted color combination of gold and natural cotton color creates a simply elegantly chic ribbon. This can work alone for nature-inspired designs, or can be built upon with other metallic colored ribbons. It can also be combiend with rich red or green velvet ribbons to create a lavish jewel tone motif.

Washing Instructions:  Because of the glittery accent, please do not wash this ribbon as damage may occur.

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  • 568-4-09A IVORY/GOLD SWIRL

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  • 568-4-09B IVORY/GOLD HOLLY

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