Upcycled Home Decor – Vintage Inspired Pumpkin

Upcycled Decor - Vintage Inspired Pumpkin

Isn’t it nice to give new life to something old-especially decorative home items? I really like the satisfaction of transforming something tired and forgotten into something fresh and new…a piece that can take center stage in any arrangement.

 Upcycled Decor - Vintage Inspired Pumpkin

I found a lightweight, Styrofoam apple while walking through the local thrift store. It was dusty, dirty and best of all, cheap! I realized right away that with some help of May Arts Ribbon, I could transform it into an amazing centerpoint for my fall decorations.

 Upcycled Decor - Vintage Inspired Pumpkin

It only took a few, easy steps to make the apple into a pumpkin!

 Upcycled Decor - Vintage Inspired Pumpkin

To finish the pumpkin, I adhered a stem that I had saved from last year’s jack-o-lanterns with hot glue.

 Upcycled Decor - Vintage Inspired Pumpkin

I love how the canvas vintage printed ribbon gives a lovely texture to the pumpkin, creating natural “ribs”. The spattering of colors suggest fall, even though the images aren’t specifically for the season. Also, the frayed edges provide such a nice, homey feel.

 Upcycled Decor - Vintage Inspired Pumpkin

By Karen Baker




Other Supplies Used:

  • Styrofoam Apple
  • Button
  • Hot Glue
  • Pumpkin Stem




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