Distributor Program

May Arts is looking for committed distributors dedicated to showcasing the May Arts brand for retailers/the trade. If you are an international distributor looking to add quality, classic ribbon to your product line then our Distributor Program may be the right fit for you. Please note, the Distributor Program is a partnership for stores that will become brand ambassadors for May Arts, as well as purchase in high volume. We are looking for companies that can help distribute our product on a “local” level internationally to a wholesale market. If you do not anticipate purchasing in volume with May Arts Ribbon, but would like to carry our line in your business -whether wholesale or retail- you can still do so. To become a customer with May Arts Ribbon, register here.

The Basics

  • Must meet an annual sales minimum *Contact us below for more info
  • $1,000 (USD) per order minimum
  • Distributor covers all shipping costs

The Logistics

Businesses who enroll in our Distributor Program will receive a special discount on wholesale prices. May Arts will also provide you with the selling tools you need to grow your business. Each distributor will be given a ribbon resource guide and full set of ribbon samples to get acquainted with our products.

All orders you place must be pre-paid by credit card or bank transfer. We do not accept checks or terms. You can place your orders through the May Arts website, by email, or by fax. We will deliver your ribbons via FedEx International, or a shipping company of your choosing. Shipment is guaranteed within 48 hours of receipt of order, unless notified by May Arts staff.

See a list of our current distributors.

Are you interested in joining the program?

Submit your contact info below and a May Arts representative will reach out to you shortly.