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1/2 Inch 100% Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon with Woven Edge

Length: 32 Yard

Fiber Content: 100% Silk

Series SKU: SK-12

This 1/2 inch by 32 yards ribbon is 100% silk. May Arts’ silk ribbon is a handcrafted distinctive work of art. Each product is dyed using old-world, labor-intensive methods and crafted with the finest silk thread. Thanks to an old-world weaving technique, each ribbon has the look of subtle veining and cross-woven threads while actually being smooth and soft. May Arts’ delicate and fine silk ribbon is truly an heirloom product singular in its beauty.

It is perfect for gift wrap, card making, sewing, scrapbooking, hair bows and home decor. This color would be ideal for floral arrangements, weddings, Valentine, summer, Christmas and winter projects.  Also available in a 1/8 and 1.25 inch width. May Arts Ribbons’ silk is what is known as China Silk. China silk is soft, lightweight and lustrous with a graceful drape and a smooth surface with the appearance of veining and small wrinkling. Silk ribbons are hand wash only in cold water with a mild detergent and no chemicals.

Please take note that due to the hand-dyed nature of our silk ribbons, color can and does vary between batches. Each ribbon is dyed to a corresponding Pantone code, but due to the nature of the organic fabric environmental factors can effect the dyeing process in different ways. We make every effort to keep our colors within acceptable shade variations to their Pantone code. While we do send samples of silk ribbon, please note that our silk is in very high demand so new shipments are always coming in where dye lots can vary. If you wish to know the corresponding Pantone code for any color please email [email protected] We upload new pictures of our silk when a new batch with differing dye lot comes in so you can see any color changes.

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Enter Desired Quantity
  • SK-12-00 NON-DYED

    267 in stock

  • SK-12-01 WHITE

    53 in stock

  • SK-12-02 CHAMPAGNE

    140 in stock

  • SK-12-03 MARINE

    54 in stock

  • SK-12-04 TEAL

    79 in stock

  • SK-12-05 LAVENDER

    57 in stock

  • SK-12-06 HAZELNUT

    94 in stock

  • SK-12-07 SPHINX

    67 in stock

  • SK-12-08 MOSS

    15 in stock


    241 in stock

  • SK-12-10 BLACK

    53 in stock

  • SK-12-13 TERRA COTTA

    107 in stock

  • SK-12-14 RED

    67 in stock

  • SK-12-15 GREEN

    89 in stock

  • SK-12-16 OLIVE

    2 in stock

  • SK-12-17 LIGHT PINK

    98 in stock

  • SK-12-18 CELERY

    83 in stock

  • SK-12-19 ROSE QUARTZ

    7 in stock

  • SK-12-22 FUCHSIA

    104 in stock

  • SK-12-25 BURGUNDY

    20 in stock

  • SK-12-26 ROSE

    22 in stock

  • SK-12-27 YELLOW

    43 in stock

  • SK-12-28 ORANGE

    19 in stock

  • SK-12-30 LEMON

    34 in stock

  • SK-12-31 GREY

    107 in stock


    78 in stock


    112 in stock

  • SK-12-34 LIGHT BLUE

    429 in stock

  • SK-12-35 TAUPE

    18 in stock

  • SK-12-36 RUST

    34 in stock


    104 in stock

  • SK-12-47 VIOLET

    54 in stock

  • SK-12-53 ATOMIC BLUE

    72 in stock

  • SK-12-54 CERULEAN

    5 in stock


    41 in stock


    137 in stock

  • SK-12-58 JADEITE

    202 in stock

  • SK-12-65 WOODROSE

    208 in stock

  • SK-12-67 PALE GOLD

    104 in stock

  • SK-12-68 QUIET GRAY

    70 in stock

  • SK-12-69 GARGOYLE

    99 in stock


    126 in stock


    176 in stock

  • SK-12-73 NAVY BLAZER

    120 in stock

  • SK-12-83 BLUE GREY

    197 in stock


    57 in stock


    67 in stock

  • SK-12-95 CHARCOAL

    54 in stock


    130 in stock

  • SK-12-98 MINT GREEN

    64 in stock

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