Easy Wintry Card For Adults

This card was created with a purpose, and that was to genuinely thank our neighbors across the street. As some of you may or may not know, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Where I am located, we don’t get the coldest temperatures in Canada…but we do get some of the wildest weather being by the ocean. So needless to say, we get lots of snow.

My husband and I don’t have any of those new fangled plows, snowblowers or anything else mechanical to help with snow removal. Man powered shovels only. But we do have a fantastic neighbor across the street that has an ATV with a plow, and he clears our mailbox and behind our vehicle every single storm. It is so much help to us, so I made this winter themed Thank You card just for him.

TracyMc-WinterCard1A Wintery Thank You Card

Project Recipe:


I wanted to create a simple base of layered cardstock so that the ribbon and snowflakes could stand out. I decided to add the gems to the middle of the small snowflakes to just add a little sparkle. I chose to use hot glue to attach all of the snowflakes.


I used a white chalk marker to write “Thank You”.


Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to make the time to say Thank You to those special people in your lives for those little things they do!

By Tracy McLennon




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