How to: Bobby Socks


Karen here, from The Bald Dragonfly.  I’ve got a quick tutorial on how to dress up plain socks into something cute and unique! I don’t often get to make things frilly and fun as I have two boys of my own, so the little gift today will be going to my cousin’s daughter.


You’ll only need four items to complete this project: a new pair of socks and one foot of  May Arts Elastic Plaid Ruffle. I’ve used purple: 359-34-05), along with a sewing machine and matching thread.

Step1To begin, uncuff the sock and fold the ¼ inch of ribbon onto itself. The edge of the sock should meet the start of the ruffle in the ribbon. Stitch the ribbon to the sock, pulling to stretch both the sock and ribbon as you sew the ribbon around the perimeter.

Step2To finish the trim on the sock, fold ¼ inch of the ribbon under and stitch to meet the beginning on the ribbon. Cut the excess ribbon.

CompletedFold the sock cuff over to reveal the ruffle! How cute is that! Since most socks come in sets, you can embellish the other socks with different Elastic Plaid Ruffle Ribbon! May Arts offers seven different colors to choose from!

Blog post by: Karen Baker




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