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Autumn Candy Corn Bannerkatiesmith_candycornbanner_punkprojectsCreated By Katie Smith

Hi everyone and happy fall! Katie Smith here with an Autumn themed project to share with you. I created a Candy Corn Banner using just a bit of chipboard and May Art’s 1.5” Grosgrain Ric Rac Ribbon in candy corn colors! 

Follow my simple steps to create this adorable fall-themed banner: 

Step 1: Trace rounded triangular shapes onto chipboard. Draw out however many candy corns you want on your banner!katiesmith_candycornbanner-3Step 2: Grab  scissors and carefully cut out your candy corn tracing! For my banner, I used eight candy corns, but the more the merrier!katiesmith_candycornbanner-4Step 3: Next you’ll need to apply adhesive to one of the chipboard candy corn shapes.katiesmith_candycornbanner-5Step 4: Starting with the yellow Ric Rac ribbon, place it onto the bottom third of the candy corn shape. Use scissors to trim off any ribbon that hangs over the shape. katiesmith_candycornbanner-6Step 5: Repeat the last step with the orange and white Ric Rac. The design of candy corn has orange in the middle. katiesmith_candycornbanner-7Step 6: Trim off any access ribbon…


Step 7: Adhere the candy corn shapes to a 2-yd piece of the orange ribbon, placing them equally. I also flipped every other one, so some of them are straight up and some are upside down (see below).

katiesmith_candycornbanner-9Finished! This new addition to your fall décor is complete! I’m sure you will love this fun and festive banner as much as I do! What’s your favorite Halloween candy? I love candy corn and Reese’s pumpkins! – Katie 


Ribbon Used:

ER28 1.5” Grosgrain Ric Rac Ribbon ORANGE (2 yds)

ER27 1.5” Grosgrain Ric Rac Ribbon YELLOW (2 yds)

ER01 1.5” Grosgrain Ric Rac Ribbon WHITE (2 yds)

SK28 1.25”  Silk Ribbon ORANGE (2 yds)

Other Supplies:



Tombow Extreme Adhesive

Hot Glue/Glue Gun



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