Make Your Own Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

 Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

The Christmas Holiday is upon us, and what better of a way to greet family and friends at your doorstep than with a large, luxurious and welcoming wreath! It just so happens that May Arts Ribbons offers a wide variety of holiday ribbon to help with your holiday decorating.

 Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

This is the first year that I’ve had a wreath to hang on my door for the holidays, and I’m so proud to tell my visitors that I made it myself. It only took minimal supplies too! I started with a 18” three ring wire wreath frame (readily available at your local craft store) and looped 3” Wired Taffeta Iridescent Ribbon in the Peacock color six times in each of the sections, alternating which ring I adhered the ribbon to.

 Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

I used plastic ties to hold the wreath in place. After I covered the wreath with the 3” ribbon, I came back and did the same the same ribbon, except in the 2” width.

 Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

This helped fill in the bare spots and I ended up with a lovely, luxurious and full wreath. One of the joys working with this iridescent ribbon is to see how the light either picks up the base green or the hint of red/maroon-perfect for the Christmas Season!

 Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

For interest, I found some deep red silk poinsettias, glittered, gold and swirly twigs and gold fern clusters at my local discount store for minimal cost. I grouped them together and also adhered them to the wire wreath frame with plastic ties. I pulled some of the ribbon through the focal point to carry the green color through the entire project.

 Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

I used 1 ½ spools of the 3” width ribbon, and ½ spool of the 2” ribbon to complete the wreath. Once hanging on the door, the loops can be manipulated to fill in any bare spots, one of the benefits of wired ribbon! I enjoyed making this project… it went really quick once I got the hang of working with the plastic ties!

By Karen Baker


Other Supplies Used:


  • 18” 3-ring Wire Wreath Frame
  • Plastic Ties (~100)
  • Silk Poinsettias
  • Gold Twigs
  • Plastic Fern Clusters




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