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Decorative Ribbon Egg

This decorative egg is the perfect accent to a flower arrangement, Easter basket or even center piece for your table. I’ll show you how to make this one of a kind Easter Egg with just a few supplies with this step by step tutorial.

You’ll need to gather some simple supplies, Styrofoam egg, a mini wooden stake, straight pins, flowers and of course some springtime ribbon from Ribbon Resource. I used three different ribbons but you could use more. Just be sure to keep it an odd number as that always is more pleasing to the eye in decorative items.

step one

Pin one of the ribbon to the top center of the egg and then pin at the bottom center of the egg, cutting of any excess.

step two

Take back out the bottom pin of the first ribbon and then take your wooded stake and run into the bottom of the egg. From here you can do this to way. Keep the wood dowel in and then run the rest of the ribbon to the bottom around the stake or you can do like I did, take the dowel out pin in the rest of the ribbon and then go back and place the dowel. The helpful part is you already have the hole in the Styrofoam to work the dowel back into, but leaving it till the end cleans up the bottom.

step three

Continue to wrap the various ribbon down along the egg. If you have some ribbon that are as tight as you would like them pull them tighter and then pin with an additional straight pin. All the ribbon will hide the pins at the bottom.

step four

Pull everything together by topping of the egg with some springtime flowers and replacing the dowel. You’re ready for your celebration.

 By Lori Williams


Ribbons Used


Other Supplies Used:

  • Styrofoam Egg
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Straight Pins
  • Flowers



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