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Welcome to the May Arts Blog.  I’ve got a super easy project today that you can accomplish in under an hour.  May Arts Ribbon makes it not only useful but beautiful as well.

Here’s your supply list:



  1. Make sure the ends of your fiberglass are even, trimming if necessary. 
  2. Cut ribbon as follows:

2 pieces – 60 inches

2 pieces –  20 inches

2 pieces – 18 inches

  1. Fold one of the 18 inch ribbons in half.  Iron or hand- press, then  enclose the 18 inch side of the mesh (top of bag) in the ribbon.  Pin and  sew each end close to the edge. Repeat on the other side

  1. Sew the ends of the 60 inch ribbons together with a ½ inch seam to make a large racetrack loop.  Press or hand press the seams open. 
  2. Fold the mesh in half.  Press along the middle to crease.  Unfold then beginning at the fiberglass crease, pin the  ribbon to the mesh 5 ½” from the ends.  Sew close to the  ribbon ends making sure to backstitch your ends.  Clip threads. Repeat on the other side.

  1.  Fold mesh in half.  Fold down and press the ends of the 20 inch pieces of ribbon.  Trim the ends.

Enclose the sides of the bag evenly in the ribbon, sew.  Repeat on the other side making sure to backstitch the ends.

Done!  A super lightweight, durable bag for shopping or the beach!   You can find a printable/downloadable tutorial here.

Blog post by: Charlene Driggs


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  1. Kathie Haney

    5 Yards of ribbon is not enough for this bag , according to your cutting instructions. I purchased my trim using 5 yards as a guide based on the pattern, then after cutting realized I was short. 5 yards of ribbon is 180 inches, but your cutting instructions are for 196 inches, so I was 16 inches short for both bags I was making. Ooops!!!

    1. Nicole - May Arts Ribbon

      Kathie, thanks for the feedback. You are correct! We will adjust our math! Thank you!

  2. Zakos

    dear seller
    hello i want to make my own bag and to put my logo on the bag…can you do that if you can let me know please
    best regards zakos

  3. Marie O

    WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!!! I absolutely love this!!!!!!! Thank you for the tutorial!

  4. Nicole Martel


  5. Sue D

    This is a great made out of mesh!

  6. Mary Beth

    Cool design and I would never think to make this in mesh. Outstanding!

  7. jen shears

    you are a genius!!!!

  8. Kristie Maynard

    Very cute idea!  Thanks for sharing!

  9. Dorina D

    I'd forgotten how easy this can be and this is such a cute bag. Love that you  used mesh insteada of fabrics. Thanks

  10. erin

    Wow, that's awesome!!!

  11. maria mendoza

    looks great 


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