How To Make A Travel Journal

Travel journals are very handy to have around. From keeping your children entertained when running errands, to jotting down ideas that pop in your head. I love having all kinds of travel journals on hand and today I share with you how you can make one on your own.

 DIY Travel Journal

Cut two pieces of fabric the same size.

First you want to think about what size you want your journal. Maybe think about what size pens or paper you want to put inside. Then take into account how far in you will stitch. I cut mine 9 ¾” X 6 ¾”.

DIY Travel Journal 

Sew on pen loop and button.

On one piece of fabric you will sew on the pen loop. May Arts elastic ribbon are perfect for this. I folded in the ends before stitching and also added a stitched down the center. This is to be sure that it doesn’t sag when you add your pens.

On the other piece of fabric you will add the button.

  DIY Travel Journal

Sew around the edges and add the closer.

Now you will join the two pieces of fabric together with the faces facing together. The faces being the sides with the pen loop and the button. Before you start stitching you need to add the closer. Take your elastic string and join the ends. Insert the loop part of this between the two fabric pieces letting the ends stick out. Stitch around the whole rectangle leaving a small opening on the bottom. This is where you will turn out your project.

DIY Travel Journal

Flip and stitch.

Now flip your fabric through the hole. To close the hole you turn the ends in and stitch the bottom. I also stitched down the middle of the journal for a guide when closing.

 DIY Travel Journal

On the inside add your paper pad using adhesive, let dry. Add your pens to the loop, close it and you’re done.

  DIY Travel Journal

Use the elastic and the button to close the book and stick this in your bag. You can take it anywhere.

DIY Travel Journal

By Lalo IK



Other Supplies used:

  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric
  • Button
  • Paper pad and Pens




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