Make Your Own Vintage Inspired Notebook Cover

Looking to add a touch of elegance to your favorite notebook? Then this tutorial is for you! Created by Alyona Savinova, this beautiful vintage style notebook cover is super easy and fun to create! Read below for the step by step instructions.

Vintage Inspired Notebook Cover

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 Created By Alyona Savinova

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you a very simple and fast way to decorate a usual notebook. To do this, I used fantastic elegant velvet ribbon with delicate crochet edges from May Arts Ribbons. All materials used are presented at the bottom of this the tutorial. For this project, I was inspired by the beautiful and harmonious pattern of simple paving stones. This is a very easy project, and you will see how quickly you can transform the cover of a simple notebook into vintage one. 


Step 1: Cut the ribbon into equal pieces (about 1.5 inches each).

SavinovaAlyona_Vintagenotebook_Photo02 (3)


Step 2: Lay out the pattern with these pieces on the cover of your notebook until everything looks exactly the way you want.

SavinovaAlyona_Vintagenotebook_Photo03 (3)


Step 3: Adhere the pieces to the cover with either a fabric friendly glue, or adhesive tape. In my example, I’ve used adhesive tape.

SavinovaAlyona_Vintagenotebook_Photo06 (2)


To Finish: Decorate the edges with May Art’s Paper Raffia Ribbon and add a flattering embellishment (cameo brooch).

SavinovaAlyona_Vintagenotebook_Photo04 (2)


This is a super fast and elegant way to renew your favorite notebook, book, or photo album. Hope you like it!


Supplies Used

SavinovaAlyona_Vintagenotebook_Photo01 (4)


Ribbon Used: 

Other Supplies Used:

  • Notebook or Notepad 
  • Cameo Brooch



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