Holiday DIY Elegant Thanksgiving Table Setting

Autumn is the time we gather with family and friends for loving dinners.  It’s a special time and those dinners should be equally special.   Today I’m sharing an easy way to dress up your dinner table for an elegant look for that special time.

Elegant Thanksgiving Table Setting

All you really need is beautiful May Arts Ribbon and a little fabric glue.  You can easily customize the look of your table by switching up your ribbon.  I chose natural fibers to match the season but then added a little bling trim for a nice pop.  Here’s a look at each elegant detail.

Place name using sequins trim and burlap string:

Elegant Thanksgiving Table Setting


Napkin ring using woven striped ribbon, sequins trim and burlap string:

Elegant Thanksgiving Table Setting


Table runner and décor using 4” wide burlap, woven stripes, Sequins trim and burlap string for the tag:

Elegant Thanksgiving Table Setting

Blog post by: Lalo IK


Other Supplies Used:




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