Make Your Own Fleece Baby Toys

Hello out there! Jess here today with a little something for the wee ones.  I am on my way to a sweet baby girl right now and my closest friend will be having her baby boy in about two weeks.  Add another few pregnant friends in there and we could pretty much start our own daycare!  I need some new baby toys around here STAT. 

So I whipped up a couple of soft fleece toys with ribbon tags for tactile stimulation.  I chose different shapes and textures for the ribbon because we know babies love to discover the world through touch.  I chose fleece so these would be washable as well as snuggly.

BabyToys finished

Supplies (per toy):

  • Two squares of fleece, approximately 8” x 8”
  • Smaller scraps of coordinating fleece for the appliqué
  • Coordinating embroidery floss

For the navy/gray/orange:

Or for the pink/aqua:


– Cut two circles from your squares of fleece.  I traced a small plate but there is no set size for these.

BabyToy cut circle

– Freehand or trace an appliqué shape from the coordinating fleece scraps. 

BabyToy cut star

– Use the embroidery floss to sew the appliqués to the circles.  You could machine stitch these if you prefer but I liked the chunky look.

BabyToy sewn star

– Now cut two lengths of approximately 5” from each type of ribbon.

BabyToy cut ribbon

– Fold the ribbons in half with the patterns to the outside.  Pin each ribbon piece towards the INSIDE of the fleece circle as shown:

BabyToy pinned ribbon

– Place the other circle on top of this, right sides in, creating a “ribbon sandwich”.  Give yourself a generous seam allowance to be sure you firmly catch all the ribbons and sew almost all the way around.  Leave enough of a gap to turn the circles right sides out.

BabyToy sewn circle

– Trim the edge and turn your circles through the hole.  Stuff with polyfil/batting.  Carefully turn the edges of the hole under and hand stitch the circles closed.  You will see that the ribbons are now sticking out towards the outside.

BabyToy finished
And that’s it! One sweet little baby tag toy to give or keep for your little one! 

Blog post by: Jess Muttty





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