How To: No-Glue Valentine’s Day Wreath

First impressions are so important! So what impression does your front door make? Does it just simply say “Hello”? Or does it say “Hey there! WELCOME! Come celebrate the day of love with us!”? That’s what we imagine this fun and easy wreath says any way.

Gather your favorite ribbons. We paired together shades that work well for Valentine’s Day! And a wreath form you prefer. It’s that simple!

No Glue Easy Valentine's Day Wreath

For our Valentine’s Day wreath we paired together a mix of 2″ organza ribbons, striped grosgrain ribbon, gold foil satin ribbon, and rayon ribbons. Mixing together different textures gave the wreath a more layered appearance.

Besides avoiding the mess of glue, we like the no-glue technique because that means we can re-use the same wreath form year-round. This is great when your home is tight on storage space. At the end of the season un-tie the ribbon and place in a bag to re-use next year!

No glue ribbon scrap Valentine's Day Wreath

Begin by cutting all of the ribbon strips you will need for the wreath. Don’t worry about getting technical, you’re going to intersperse at random on the wreath form. If you end up needing more you can always cut more ribbon strips. They can be trimmed down to the correct length afterwards.

To tie the ribbon around the wreath form:

No glue ribbon scrap Valentine's Day Wreath

First, fold the ribbon strip in half to form the start of your loop.

Valentine's Day Ribbon Wreath DIY

Next, slide the folded ribbon strip underneath the wreath form. It is ok if the ribbon doesn’t match up perfectly, it can always be trimmed.

Valentine's Day Ribbon Wreath

Then, take the loose ends of the folded ribbon strip, and pull them through the loop at the other end. This will create a loose knot around the wreath form that can be undone easily when you are done with the wreath. Tug the loose ends firmly to tighten the knot.

Repeat these steps for each ribbon until you have covered the wreath form completely.

Finally, take our satin cutout heart ribbon and cut between each heart. Use these hearts to embellish the wreath. Then, cut a strip of the organza ribbon to create the wreath hanger. Glue the individual hearts on top of the organza ribbon to make it extra festive.

Valentine's Day Ribbon Wreath





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