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Make Your Own Knotted Barrettes

Hi there! Have you seen the sweet hairclips available to buy? They look so cute on big & little girls! And they really aren’t too hard to make- you just need some good ribbon! 😉

First you’ll want to gather your supplies. I used 3/8” grosgrain ribbon, a hair clip from a local beauty supply store, and my Helmar’s adhesive.

I tied a knot in the ribbon to start with. Nothing fancy, just a knot.

Here’s the tricky part. I didn’t want my knotted ends to show or come loose. It probably would be fine, and MUCH easier to just glue them underneath! I wove the ribbon under the strip of ribbon with a knot. (I use 7” to cover the barrette.  The knotted strip just needs to be long enough to tie the knot & crisscross under the top of the barrette).

I know it sounds confusing. It’s hard to explain, and honestly after I did one, it got much easier!

Now you can attach the rest of the ribbon & trim the excess from the knot!

Like I said, it got easier, so I made more!

Don’t they look cute packaged on a button card?  🙂

These would be such a fun gift- and you could make new ones seasonally for a fraction of the cost of buying them!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you’ve been inspired!

Blog post by: Jen Shears

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  1. Larissa Heskett =)

    These are SO CUTE!! THANKS for sharing!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  2. Tanya Hulbert

    I just might make these…tonight, for a gift!  Lovely Jen! 

  3. Amy Jones

    How adorable….

  4. Susan Jensen

    Love this, senior here gives a lot to kids for donatios etc. Small things go over big. Bous I have think!!!  I can make cute card holders. FUN/FUN!!!

  5. Rea

    Cute, thanks for sharing.

  6. linda

    These are adorable!

  7. Kathy P

    These are SO cute!  A must have to make for my DGD!

  8. Christine Dring

    Great idea! TFS!

  9. Charlene

    Super cuteness, Jen.  Great tutorial.

  10. DebbieC.

    Very cute.  My granddaughter would love these.  A craft to do with her next week if I can find some funky ribbon.  Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Pendra

    Really cute and what an adorable way to present them on the button card!  Way cool!
    Crafty Hugs,

  12. Kristie Maynard

    Very cute.  TFS!

  13. Rebecca W

    Adorable hiar bows- I will have to bookmark this to add as a bow on my nieces Christmas packages.

  14. conniemelancon

    These are so cute!! My granddaughters will LOVE these!!  thanks for the tutorial.

  15. Dorina D

    Ooooo. My nieces are going to love these.  Thanks for such a great idea.Something new to do.

  16. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    Great job on this and using the button card is a great idea.

  17. connie

    Nice, but yes….a little confusing for me. I think a video tutorial would be most helpful. 🙂 please.

  18. erin

    Fabulous project, what a great package too with that PTI set.

  19. Jingle

    These are so sweet!

  20. Miriam Prantner

    What a great idea, we could totally use these at my house!

  21. DeeDee Catron

    these are SUPER cute! Sometimes I wish I had had a girl instead of a boy.. lol


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