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Sometimes do you feel like you want to dress up an ordinary gift and make it much more special? My sister-in-law’s kitchen in her cabin is decorated with all things rustic red. She requested some dish clothes and towels for her birthday and after purchasing some of them I knew it would provide a great opportunity to dress up a special package for her! May Arts has teamed up with Basically Bare this week, and wow, what a combination! Both companies offer fabulous products that are perfect for layering and the rustic look. I took advantage of this and created a tag and card that features rustic layers.

First up, the tag!

I gathered my supplies which included May Arts wide, red, wired burlap ribbon (398-25-14), cream crochet ribbon (361-78-09) and natural burlap string (SM10) and Basically Bare’s Oh So Mini Mixed Media album.

The wide burlap ribbon forms the first layer of the tag. I folded over about an inch of a six inch piece and then on the opposite end cut a fish tail. Simply fold your ribbon in half lengthwise, trim from the outer corner in at a 45 or 30 degree angle and unfold. The next step was to trim down the canvas page in the Basically Bare album. I kept the two holes on the top and easily cut down the page to almost a square. I wanted to reinforce the rustic look, so I wasn’t worried about the edges fraying. I then layered a three inch length of cream crochet ribbon over both the burlap ribbon and canvas piece.

With a large needle I threaded burlap string from the front left side of the layered tag, and up through to the right side. I simply tied a bow to secure all the layers in place. I embellished the tag with a die cut piece of the chipboard page of Basically Bare’s album. The chipboard took ink so nicely, it didn’t bleed and kept true to the color! (This tag uses the Love Bird Stamp and Die Combo available from Wplus9 Studio).

I wrapped my piled dish clothes and towels with some burlap string and tucked the layered tag over the string. Such a beautiful, rustic look!

This gift wouldn’t be complete without a birthday card! My card features the same crochet ribbon from May Arts, as well as Red Burlap String. I also used the corrugated cardboard and canvas pages from Basically Bare’s mini album.

Both these companies have excellent product for the layered, rustic look. I hope that you are able to try them out too!

Blog post by: Karen Baker

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  1. donna mikasa

    love your tag, Karen! the texture from the burlap is so yummy!

  2. AliceW.

    so pretty! lovely project!

  3. Kim H

    Great projects, love the use of burlap.  Wonderful colors and textures. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win =)

  4. Johanna D

    What an adorable way to dress up ordinary dish towels…love the textures and colors going on here!

  5. Dawn W

    These turned out amazing! Makes me want some of that burlap ribbon for sure!

  6. Michele D

    Sweet tags, the rustic look is beautiful!

  7. Emily H

    Beautiful! I love that burlap!!

  8. Carmen

    I am so in love with that burlap ribbon – this is an awesome idea!

  9. Sassy

    Love the combination of textures.

  10. Nicole Martel


  11. Christina

    Love the late summer, early fall feeling these little tags have.  Great idea to use them on a gift set.

  12. Tina M.

    Love that bird accent on the burlap!

  13. sue wisniewski

  14. Linda Lipford

    OK, MUST have some burlap ribbon in SEVERAL colors!

  15. NWFlamingo

    This looks like it is straight out of the pages of Country Living magazine.

  16. mary s. - aka Big Mamma

    I love the burlap and the little bird and who wouln't want a give with such an adorable gift tag.  I would take it and pass it on.  Love your card also.  The cardboard is a great way to use stuff you have around the house.

  17. Sue D

    Very cute way to dress up a gift!

  18. erin


  19. Kristie Maynard

    Wonderful projects.  Who wouldn't love a gift like this, very nice, indeed!

  20. Charlotte Zweigoron

    Yum!  I love that red…  I bet that cabin kitchen is a fun place to be.  I would not be surprised if that tag and card don't wind up as part of the decor; so cute!

  21. lalo


  22. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Gorgeous presentation!  I love your sweet red bird!

  23. Charlene


  24. Stephanie

    I love that card!  Great projects!

  25. Lynn

    A really special gift presentation!

  26. Julie A. Shearer

    Wow…great projects ! I love the wired burlap ribbon. The color is so vibrant.

  27. Estralita walters

    So love the banner and the whole organic feel of the card. I love to use every day things in my card making. Such as fabric from old clothes or my husbands mesh tape for burlap. Thanks for sharing such a great design.

  28. Miriam Prantner

    LOVE these!  great dies and such a great combination of textures!

  29. Cheryl wage

    So very cute.  Would make a cute housewarming gift!

  30. Linda R

    Love the card and tag.  Red always makes a bold statement!

  31. Virginia Fynes

    great gift!

  32. Jingle

    These are absolutely gorgeous!  I love the colors!  I want to make some!

  33. Lisa P

    I love that Burlap! What an awesome tag.

  34. Jeniff

    What a lovely projects!


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