DIY: Mother’s Day Card

We always think of soft, vintage designs for Mother’s Day…..maybe because there is something so sweet and pure about a mother’s love. So today, I’ve got a very shabby Mother’s Day card to share with you, that uses May Arts’ beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon with woven edge.

Make a Mother's Day Card

Tie a length of paper cord (or other strong base) around the pegs of a bow maker. This will help keep the core ribbon nice and tight. Cut the wide silk ribbon at about 18” per color. Cut a small snip at the end of the ribbon, then rip the ribbon into two long lengths. Cut these into short pieces of ribbon (about 4-5”) Tie these short lengths of ribbon around the cord, using a half hitch knot.

Make a Mother's Day Card

Continue adding ribbon until the desired length is reached. You can put the knots very close together while tying them, and then spread them out a little to adjust the final length. Attach to your card as desired.



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