How To: Make A Ribbon Necklace

Hey all! It’s Emily Lanham here with a quick project & tutorial just in time for New Years! I am a fan of jewelry, but I rarely buy it. I love the match certain pieces to what I wear when I go out, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect match.

IMG 4277 pe

So why not make your own accessories to go out in this New Years Eve?

Now I am by no means a jewelry maker, but if I can do it, so can you!

IMG 4263

You will need ribbon, chain, and your choice of beads and other embellishments.

IMG 4264

Start off by looping 2 pieces of ribbons through the ends of your chain. I used the 1.5″ Silky/Crush ribbon. Tie knots in both strands of ribbon close to the top leaving just enough on the ends to tie a bow with.

IMG 4265

Tie a bow with the ends of the ribbon and cut/seal the ends to prevent fraying.

IMG 4266

If you chose to add beads, you can thread them through clear bead cord and tie them onto the chains.

IMG 4267

Here’s the beads that I chose… I wanted to match the ribbons and papers that I was using so I made a little assortment to add extra color to the necklace.

IMG 4268

Next, I wanted to add some variety with pattern paper, so I got out my Round 14 tool from Epiphany Crafts and made a few clear epoxy punches.

IMG 4270

I added these to the Epiphany Crafts metal settings.

IMG 4275 pe

Next, I took some pieces from the chain and added the metal settings to the chain.

IMG 4274 pe

There you have it! The perfect accessory to wear to a New Years Eve party this year!

Blog post by: Emily Lanham

May Arts Ribbon Used:


Partners in Craft Supplies Used:

Other Supplies Used:

  • Blue Moon Beads- Metal Chain, Clear Cord, Beads- BM22497, BM20680, JAS#1743541
  • Epiphany Crafts- Round 14 Shape Studio Tool, Round 14 Bubble Caps, Round 14 Silver Metal Settings



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