How To: Make A Vintage Book Bundle

Have you noticed the trendy vintage book bundles in the upscale decorating catalogs? I love the textures and the nostalgia, but don’t love the price tag. These are so easy to put together – and they are so much prettier using May Arts Ribbons.

Make a Vintage Book Bundle

Most of us have plenty of books sitting forgotten, but if not, a quick trip to your local thrift store should provide you with inexpensive hardback books. Look for interesting sizes and shapes, and try to find ones that look good stacked together.

If the covers are still attached, remove them. Choose your favorite shabby ribbons and tie the books together, and you have a one of a kind piece of home décor.

Make a Vintage Book Bundle

By Gini William Cagle



Other Supplies Used:

  • Selection of vintage hardback books




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