How To Make a Ribbon Wild Flower

Hi, Rhea here sharing my love of flowers.  I’ve been busy in my studio designing flowers.   And I am still going.  I have big ones and little ones.  I have shabby ones and big fluffy ones.  I have ones that are super easy and ones that are heated and air brushed with Copic Markers.  One thing is for certain is I will be doing as little sewing as possible!  Being that I’m a card maker and mixed media gal I tend to make things I can use for these projects.  I’ll be putting each one in an easy to follow and “Pin It” format.  🙂

Make a Ribbon Wild Flower

By  Rhea Weigand

 Partners In Craft Supplies Used:

  • Scor-Tape

Other Supplies Needed:

  • 1” Circle Punch
  • Glue Gun
  • Heat Gun
  • Large Stylus
  • Creasing Pad
  • Needle and Thread





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