How To: Shabby Flowers with Ribbon Scraps

I was sorting through my ribbon scraps and found I had some decent sized pieces that, while too short for a large project, were perfect for a smaller project.

Did you see all the lovely ribbon flowers created for our Ribbon Flower Challenge? I was thinking about all those lovely flowers and decided to see what I could do with my longer scraps.

Making Shabby Flowers with Ribbon Scraps 

I simply used the same technique used for yarn pom-poms but instead of fluffing round, just flatten them and add a pretty embellishment if desired.

 Making Shabby Flowers with Ribbon Scraps

Now what to do with all your pretty flowers? Make small ones for handmade cards, glue them to gift bags or boxes, and add them to gift tags or attach a hair clip for a pretty accent for your hair.

 Making Shabby Flowers with Ribbon Scraps

What will you do with your pretty May Arts Shabby flowers?

  Making Shabby Flowers with Ribbon Scraps

By Charlene Driggs



Other Supplies Used:

  • Decorative buttons
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Scissors




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