Make Your Own: Mini Holiday Wreath


  1. Twist the ends of the wire.
  2. Weave the wire through the folded ribbon until the entire circle is covered in ribbon.
  3. Fold the burlap ribbon in half width wise. Accordion fold the ribbon, approximately  1 inch in size. The length would depend on how big the circle is and how tight or loose you want the burlap to be.
  4. Shape the floral wire into a circle, the size is up to you. Leave at least an inch on each end of the wire. This would be where we would close up the circle.
  5. Decorate wreath as you please.


I created this wreath for work, so I added our store number on it. You can add a name, house number, or the year to personalize it.

Blog post by: Marie Otake

May Arts Ribbon Used:




Other Supplies Used:

  • Floral Wire
  • Embellishments



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