Make Your Own Nature Walk Wreath

Nature Walk Wreath

There’s nothing better than taking a nature walk on a fresh, crisp November day with my boys…On our last visit to the trails, we “collected” so many goodies, I decided to pair the nature’s findings with May Arts Ribbon for a natural, monochromatic and texture-filled burlap wreath.

Nature Walk Wreath

  1. I didn’t have any wreath forms on hand, so I made my own. With help from my youngest son, we drew two concentric circles onto a pizza box top and cut the wreath out. We repeated with another, and used a hot glue gun to adhere the two circles together for a stronger base.
  2. Next, for a cleaner look and to hide all evidence of the plain corrugated cardboard, we wrapped the wreath with 5/8” Lightweight Faux Canvas in Natural.
  3. Finally, we gathered loops of the 1.5” Faux Wired Burlap and the 2.5” Wired Natural Burlap Ribbon and I adhered them to the wreath with hot glue. He looped, I glued, and the process went extremely fast!

Nature Walk Wreath

To complete the wreath, we chose our favorite nature items from our walk and started adhering them to the wreath with hot glue. This helped to create a focal point.

Nature Walk Wreath

We also filled in any bare spots with the nature walk items. (We used acorns, dried goldenrod and a few other weeds and pods that I’m not too sure what the scientific names are…)

Nature Walk Wreath

We are so proud of the final result. It’s monochromatic beauty really stands out because of all the texture from the burlap and natural elements. Plus, this wreath was so extremely cost effective and easy to put together!

Blog post by: Karen Baker


Other Supplies Used:

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Hot Glue
  • Natural Found Items




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