Craft Idea for Decorative Halloween Witch Hats!

Hi everyone! It’s Karen Hanson and I am so excited to share a little Halloween inspiration as we approach the end of the month! 

I have always felt like witches get the rough end of the broomstick this time of the year.  I mean, I am no fashionista myself, but to be relegated to dark black robes and hats with maybe a splash of orange or green – I mean that’s enough to make anyone feel like, well, a witch!   

So I decided to create an “elevated” witches hat. 

full-hatCreated with some 3” black Tulle (471-3-10-FT), 1.5” Black net ribbon (EM-5-10-FT), and the 1.5” Sheer Spring Floral (518-15-10), the embellishment for the hat was a simple as tying some bows.  witches-hat-tulle-1-copyI “tattered” up the ends of the tulle slightly to add a bit of edginess (it is still for a witch after all) pulling and twisting the ends, and then finished the bottom of the hat off with a bit of 3/8” Pom Pom trim (419-09-FT).

new-witches-hat-pompom-2-copywitches-hat-floralIn the end, I think this hat is pretty enough to be part of the fall décor – move over Cinderella, the witches are coming to the ball! – Karen Hanson

May Art’s Ribbons Used:



  1. Brinda Coble

    This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the instructions!

    1. Renee Quirk

      Thanks Brinda! Our pleasure, so glad you enjoyed this post 🙂


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