Homemade Crafts: Ribbon Christmas Cookie Wreath!

Hi everyone, Katie Smith of Punk Projects here! Today I’m showing you how I made this fun Christmas Cookie Wreath! Christmas is sneaking up, so I decided to start making some Christmas décor for my home! My color theme for this year’s Christmas décor has bright pinks, lime greens and purple in it for a fun and non-traditional look. I love the look of the 1.5 inch Faux Jute Base w/ Snowflakes, so I added it in with the bright colors as well!


To Create this Beautiful Wreath, Follow the Steps Below:

Step One: Select at least four unique and festive ribbons! Then cut your ribbons into 2’ long pieces.katiesmith_christmaswreath_2

katiesmith_christmaswreath_3Step Two: Take one of your 2’ long pieces of ribbon and tie a bow around your wreath form. Then take a second ribbon and tie another bow, sliding it up to just below the first.katiesmith_christmaswreath_4Step Three: Continue tying bows around the wreath form until you’ve covered the whole wreath in pretty ribbons!katiesmith_christmaswreath_5Step Four: Add a ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it, I did this by simply tying a ribbon around the wreath. I also adhered a large bow on to the front.


Step Five: Time to make the cookies! Cut out 2 cookies of each shape from tan felt. Also cut out 2 cookies of each shape from colored felt (for the “frosting”), making them a ¼” smaller than the tan felt shape. Use THIS cookie pattern stencil to help you trace the shapes.


katiesmith_christmaswreath_7 katiesmith_christmaswreath_8Step Six: Adhere the colored felt pieces onto the top of the tan felt, and embellish with glitter glue and sequins.


Step Seven: Adhere the felt cookies to the front of the wreath.katiesmith_christmaswreath_11


If you don’t like the bright colors, this could also easily be done with more traditional colors. For a more traditional look, just swap the limes and pinks out for red and green ribbons!katiesmith_christmaswreath_1-1

Ribbons Used:

560-15-01 WHITE  1.5 Inch Faux Jute Base w/ Snowflakes Ribbon (1 Roll)

RP20 – PINK/GOLD 1.5 Inch SATIN/REVERSIBLE Ribbon (1 Roll)


534-1-15 ivory/green (Tree) 1 Inch Linen Holiday Print Ribbon (1 Roll)

Other Supplies Used:

Wreath Form



Hot Glue

Glitter Glue



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