New Team Announcement {and a Giveaway} – Winner!

Since I started this blog a little over 3 years ago (Wow!!!  Has it really 3 years already?!  I had to double check that), I have been very blessed to have had so many wonderfully talented designers on the team.   I have seen this blog grow from the 1 designer who started it all with me, the very fabulous Leah Farrar-White, to the powerhouse of a team we have today!   It has been a tremendous joy and honor to watch this happen every step of the way.  And I have so many to thank for it, most importantly our awesome readers!  Love you guys!  Really!!!  🙂

That being said there are a select few who, for so many reasons, I could not imagine this blog without.   They are not only talented, but are also people who I have grown to trust and rely upon.  Ones who I’m very happy to call my friends.  As a result, I have created a new team.   These ladies will be permanent members of the May Arts Ribbon Blog.  So, without further delay, please help me congratulate our new team:

Candy Rosenberg:

Charlene Driggs:

Jen Shears:

Karen Baker:

Leah Farrar-White:

Ladies, congratulations again & thank you!  I am so very excited that each of you accepted my invitation to this new team!

Now…I did say there would be a giveaway in it for you, right?  I mean, what kind of Ribbon Lady would I be if I didn’t offer you a giveaway?  And I am making this one a good one!

Check out this prize pack:

DCWV‘s Homespun Stack

Graphic 45’s ABC Primer Paper Pad

Core’dinations Kraft-Core Cardstock

Tombow’s Stamp Runner Permanent Adhesive

4 Spools of Ribbon – Your Choice!

Awesome,  right?  So, what do you have to do to win all this goodness?  Two things:

  1. Congratulate the fab 5!
  2. Are ya ready?  😉  I want you to name the new team!   Yep, that’s right!  I ‘m counting on you to come up with a team name for our new Ribbon All-Stars!

I will announce the winner {and the team name} on Monday, September 24th!

Good luck y’all!


-The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

Ann M
Congrats, ladies! What a super team this will be! And for a team name….Royal Ribbonistas.

Ann, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming*

  1. Carmen

    Congratulations! How about the Diamond Mays?

  2. joy

    congratulations to the dream team! how about ribbinspiration crew! from dream to reality !

  3. marybeth i

    congrats to all of you!  how about "The Ribbon Revelry Ring"?  Have fun with whatever name you choose!

  4. Penny Douphinett

    Congratulations to all the ladies!   A good name would be the Fab Five or the Ribbon Mavens.

  5. M L Shannon

    Congrats. A well deserved reward for future work as a team member of the Crafty Creators.
    Put some beads on the fabric flower.

  6. AliceW.

    congratulations, ladies!! you have an amazing team!

  7. Janet S.

    So many great suggestions! May I suggest "May Arts Belles & Bows" or the Ribbonartisans?

  8. Tonya Peters

    Congratulations!   I just found this wonderful site today and am overthetop excited.   Im sure you love what you do.   I think a great name would be "the Ribbonairs"

  9. lisa glowatski

    Well we all know you are the RIBBON QUEENS!!!!

  10. Janet Sisk

    I like "The Ribbon Lady and the Ribbonettes".  Roberta mentioned the "Ribbonettes" earlier.

  11. Beatrice Lawson

    Congrats to the new designers. I woul say the Ribbon Maysters, but whatever they are called, they rock!

  12. maria f.

    Well, if you're The Ribbon Lady, wouldn't that make them The Ribbon Gals?  Great bunch you've pulled together.  What an amazing giveaway you're offering.  Yippie.

  13. Jennifer H.

    Congratulations to these lovely, beautiful, crafty women!!! The only name that I can think of is Ribbon Warriors. Good luck Ribbon Lady choosing their name. It isn't going to be an easy decison with all the great recommendations!!

  14. Britt Bass

    I'm going with "The May Arts' Spool Sisters". 
    Congrats ladies!!!

  15. Pam

    Congrats to all….  Team  " Ribbon"   Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Holly E

    Congrats ladies! I cant wait to see what you have in store for us! As for a name how about The Ribbon Renegades?

  17. Carol McCann

    Congratulations ladies , can't wait to see all your clever ideas.
    New Name .. Creative Ribbon Crafters

  18. Mandie Wade

    CONGRATS to all of you!!! Naming things is hard – LOL! How about the Infini Ribbonistas (to go with Cameo and Prima)?

  19. Taerie

    Congratulations ladies!! Looking forward to seeing all of your creations. I can't think of any names for the group that is better than all the ones already mentioned. I kind of like Ribbon Warriors.

  20. Ava G

    so, future blog posts should be announced like this……….
    ladies, check out what the """ treasure (ribbon) seekers"" have discovered for us today on the blog hop……..your journey will truly be a magical discovery of inspiration.
    that should have us lingering here every chance we get!!!  Congrat's ladies.
    Ava G

  21. Lynda Marquez

    Congratulations to you all…looking forward to seeing your work!  Lots of great suggestions already…I really like Ribbonistas or May Artists of the ones suggested…

  22. Tonya Hopkins

    Whoop whoop!! Congratulations ladies. I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful creations you make. As for names:
    The May'ers (you know like mayors lol)
    The Ribbon May'ers
    The Spools
    May Stars

  23. Julie F

    I'm so happy for all the ladies on the new team! How much fun to create and then share! I like to think that desin teams in the arts are part artist for their creativity and then part engineer to help make it work for others. So . . . How about the Ribbon Fashioneers?  

  24. JUDY RAY

    Congratulations, ladies.  How about the Ribbonistas?  Great name for a great team.

  25. Samantha T.

    How about something simple like "The Bows"
    Congrats ladies!

  26. Rania K.

    Congratulations to the Fabulous Team!! What about Fab Five Mayarts??

  27. Penny H.

    CONGRATS!  How about, "DIe Hard Ribbonistas!" ?

  28. Carolyn McCravy

    Congratulations to the Fab Five for making the team!!!  I think a good name would be the BOWS ART BELLES…..or the RIBBON ART BELLES.  Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  29. Roberta Whitley

    Or, here’s another idea –
    All Bowed Up!

  30. Roberta Whitley

    Congratulations ladies!
    How about “The Ribbonettes”?

  31. francine morano

    WOW congratulations to the new team how about calling it The Ribbonaires?

  32. Patty Williams

    Congrats ladies!   Ribbonista's –    RibbonARTists –  May RibbonARTists
    Real Women Wear Ribbons –  Ribbon Realists –   Ribbon Rockers –
    Sisters in Ribbons –  Ribbon Sisters – 
    Can't wait to hear the final name — still thinking though !

  33. Charity Becker

    Exciting new team!!! Can't wait to see there contributions. How about Blue Ribbon Belles or Ribbon Junkies 

  34. steph d.

    super big congrats to the fab 5!! 
    hrmm…i like the ribbonistas, but maybe "the artful ribbonistas" or "the artful ribbon crew"…
    thanks for the chance and have a wonderful day!
    *hugs* and much aloha, steph 🙂 

  35. Sandra Strait

    Congratulations ladies! I'm looking forward to seeing your future work! Hmmm.  A Name.  I see a vision of Olympic gymnists spin with swathes of ribbon wrapped about them in the Rhythmics event.  I propose using the 'Rhythmics' as the team name.

  36. Sherri Brown

    I have to try one more time! Lol! 
    Congratulations to the fantastic new team!
    How about this: M.A.R.C.5 
    for May Arts Ribbon Clique & 5 because there's 5 in your team.

  37. Julie Haedtke

    Congratulations!!!  I would go with Ribbonettes or Your Ribbon makes me Curl Gals!

  38. Kathy P

    A huge welcome to Charlene, Candy, Leah, Karen and Jen!!!!  My name for this fab team would be Ribbon Dancers!!!

  39. Janet Sisk

    My first thought was Ribbonistas, but that's been mentioned already.  I was thinking about it and you could go "punny".  How about the "May-be Knots"  since I know I tie a lot of knots with my ribbons for my cards.  LOL  Thanks for a chance to win a great prize pack.  😀

  40. Paula Lynne

    Congratulations to the new team.We all look forward to seeing your amazing creations.
    You've heard of "Rebel Rousers" but I think the team should be called the "Ribbon Rousers" because a rouser is someone who excites or stirs to action and that's what all their creations will be doing!!
    Thanks, Paula

  41. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Congrats to the new DT.  Can't wait to see what they cook up for all of us to enjoy.
    Keep the name simple: May Arts Ribbonistas  or May Arts Ribbon Engineers or May Arts Dream Team Iwe dream in ribbon) is cute.

  42. NWFlamingo

    Hip hip hooray for all!  Let's hear it for the BoWdacious  ARTistic MAYbabes … Or BAM for short!

  43. Virginia L.

    Congrats to the new DT!! What a TALENTED team you have! I adore Karen's inspiring work and I'm so happy that she is the latest addition to this team.

  44. Nan G

    Congrats to the "May Arts Fab Five" !

  45. Sue D

    Congratulations ladies!   I am not good with coming up with clever names but how about the Ribbon Divas.

  46. Sandi Pressley

    Congratulations ladies….I look forward to your creations.  As for a name for them how about "May Artists"?

  47. Joann

    WOW congratulations ladies!!! You all do such a fantastic job and its always a pleasure to see the faces behind the hard work!
    Ok so a name for these amazing women…. how about….
    "Designing Women" of May Arts Or
    "May Arts's Behind the Scenes Design Team"

  48. Janj

    Congratulations Ladies!  You all are very talented and thank  you for all the inspiration you share with your skills.  I would suggest the name of: The May Arts Dream Team.

  49. Candy Rosenberg

    Just stopping in to thank all of you for your kind words!  Loving all the fun names, keep em coming!

  50. barb murphy

    WOWZA!!! What a phenomenal team indeed! Congrats to all of these gifted artists. You've got your Cameo Ribbonistas, your Prima Ribbonistas and now you have your Royal Ribbonistas!

  51. Kelley

    Congrats to the new team! I look forward to your seeing projects.
    'May Arts Inspire You'    I thought this kept your name in the title but also allowed for the art to be more then tying ribbon. I don't know, naming things is hard for me! 😀

  52. ANg

    I meant
    May Arts Ribbonista Dream Team

  53. ANg

    May Art Ribbonistas Dream Team

  54. Linda Spence

    Congratulations on this wonderful achievement for you ladies and for May Art Ribbon as well! I think you ladies should be called "The May Art Proffessors" as we all adore your work and learn from your fabulous creations.

  55. karenladd

    Congratulations to all of the new DT members!! I just know they're going to knock us out with their creations!! As for a name, how about "The Ribbonettes", or "The Ribbonaires".

  56. Abby

    Congrats to Candy, Charlene, Jen, Karen and Leah…your portfolios are amazing and so far Charlene is the only one on your truly gifted team that i am following but you will all be going into my Google Reader subscriptions….thanks for sharing your talents and arent we all so lucky that the internet can bring us each others ideas to share.
    "the A(artisitc)C(creative)T(talented)… to follow"…..should be the name of this new group of 5 ladies.

  57. Julie A. Shearer

    Congrats ladies !! How awesome for all of you ! There are so many good names already so …..let's see….I'm going to say….The May Arts Divas of Ribbon. I also like the May Arts Ribbonistas or the May Arts Fab Five. What ever name you pick I can't wait to see all of their beautiful creations. Thank you for a chance to win.

  58. Rebecca Gosnell

    Congrats to the Fab Five, soon to be known as the Ribbonaires! …I hope.

  59. Denise Coulter

    Congratulations girls!  That's awesome!  How about calling them the Fab Five?

  60. Jeniff

    Congratulations ladies! Creative ladies ribbonistas

  61. Verna A.

    Congratulations ladies! I think you look like Ribbon Fashionistas to me. So that is my name pick. Look forward to seeing all your lovely work.

  62. Bhavana Patel

    Congratulations to Candy, Charlene, Jen, Karen and Leah!!! Well done for being picked!! What an honor!!
    Name for the new team could be : "The spoolers!" or "The Ribbon Spoolers!"
    But, whatever you decide your name is, we all look forward to your projects!

  63. Kelly Bertram

    Congrats!  big special WHOOP WHOOP for Karen Baker!  (;    I like what a previous poster mentioned: The May Arts Design Divas… like that it has the company name in it.  

  64. SuZeQ

    How about the Ribbon Rulers?

  65. ~amy~

    A big CONGRATS ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how about:  May Arts Artisans

  66. Jaq

    The new name of the team should be : the ribbon rebels

  67. Maureen Hayes

    Firstly, congratulations to Candy, Charlene, Jen, Karen and Leah!  I am so excited for all of you, and cannot wait to see the beautiful projects you create using MayArts Ribbon.
    As or a name for the team. . .  My first thought was Ribbon Queens or Queens of Ribbon (since you are The Ribbon Lady), but I also like Ribbon Ladies in Waiting (like your royal court)!  
    oh, how about New Girls on the Block?
    Thank you for the chance to win and for allowing us to play a part in naming the new team.

  68. Angie Crockett

    Congratulations, ladies!  Can't wait to see your lovely projects!  I like the previous suggestion of "May Arts Fab Five" for the team name!

  69. Olivera

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm looking forward to see the magic you will create!

  70. Nicole Mullen

    Whoop, congratulations to s super taneted bunch of ladies. I think they should be the 'Ribbon Rockstars' because they all rock!!

  71. Brenda S.

    Congratulations to the May Arts "Fantastic Five"! I can't wait to see the awesome projects they share with us!

  72. Cheryl Stapleton

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Fortunate Five!!!  You all will have so much fun playing in the ribbon!!  You should be called the "Ribbon Raiders", as I can see all of you in mounds of ribbon, and creating wonderful things!

  73. Michele aka Goat Girl

    Congrats to all 5 incredible ladies! I did not look at any other posts so hopefully my name will be unique….. The Ribbon Royalty Team

  74. mary s. - aka Big Mamma

    Wow what an honor girls.. Congrats to all 5 of you. 
    I thin you should be called The "M.A.R.T." Girls. (May Arts Ribbonista Team)

  75. Karen L K

    Congrats to the fab five!!! Looking forward to more great inspiration. I am not that great with come up with creative names so…

  76. Ellen

    Congratulations Ladies! An honor well deserved!
    ~The aMAY"zing Ribbon ARTists'~sounds appropriate to me.

  77. Cathy Olmsted

    buttons & bows
    a lot of bow knots
    grosgrain gang

  78. Mary in Wausau WI

    Congrats to your new "Fanciful Five!"  🙂

  79. Penny L

    Congratulations to the wonderfully creative team of ladies!  Name?  How about   How about the Regal Royal Ribbonistas?    (3 R's for short)

  80. Beth

    Congratulations to all the ladies!  How about Ribbon Muse?

  81. terriavidreader

    What about the BowWrapTies!

  82. Nikki C

    Congrats to new Dt and how about May's Binding Team
    look forward to what they create 🙂

  83. Sue McRae

    Big congrats to all the ladies!  How about the Royal Ribbon Court or Reigning Ribbonistas.

  84. Melinda Wilson

    Congratulations girls for being chosen for this awesome position! I think the team should be called "The Grand Ribbonistas!!!!

  85. Nicole

    Congrats ladies! What an honor!

  86. Marla H.

    What an amazing prize package and thanks so much for sharing your new design team with us.  Can't wait to see what they create!!!

  87. Ana Marcela Herrera

    Hooray for you creative ladies! I will say the name is The Mayartistic ladies.

  88. Renee VanEpps

    Awww, so happy for you and the team 🙂  Since everyone's already came up with great names, I'm gonna second "Spool Squad"!  That's a cool name 🙂

  89. Kelly Massman

    Congrats ladies!  I would call them The Ribbon Whisperers! 🙂

  90. Lilo

    Congratulations ladies.
    And what is wrong with just calling them what they are:
    The Ribbon All-Stars!

  91. {vicki}

    Congrats to you all
    I'm not too good with names so I'll say
    The high '5' May team

  92. Mimi

    Congratulations ladies. I think all the good names are taken, so, all I can come up with is May Arts Ribbon Beauties.

  93. Anita A

    Congrats to the new team! Fabulous Ribbon ladies would be my suggestion.

  94. Kathryn

    Congratulations to these five talented women!  I think the "Spool Squad" is a fun name! 

  95. Eli H

    Congratulations to a wonderfully talented bunch of ladies. Here are some of my thoughts:
    May Arts Riboneers
    May Arts Ribbon Charmers
    May Arts Bandeau
    May Arts Trim Crew
    May Art Muses
    Also some very fun thoughts above.

  96. Kim H

    CONGRATZ! Fab 5!  Look forward to seeing your projects in the coming weeks.  A name …hmmm… how about … Reel Ribbonistas of May Arts.

  97. Dolores A.

    Welcome to each of you!  Will look forward to seeing your work here.  As for a team name, I like many of the above suggestions, but………the Fab Five Ribbonistas sounds the best!

  98. Sarah M

    congratulations ladies!! I think the team should be called "The Rockin Ribbonistas!" Thanks for the chance to win too!

  99. Kristie Maynard

    Congrats to these lovely ladies, you are all so talented. As for a name, how about  The May-vens or maybe The May Artistes

  100. Crafty Kitten

    Many congratulations girls.  How about the May Arts Bow Belles?
    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize.
    Dawn xx

  101. Penny Kitzmiller

    CONGRADULATIONS Ladies….this is a wonderful honor!!!!!
    "The Fab 5 Ribbon Women" no matter what you are called…you all are still 5 lucky and amazing artist!!

  102. Susan R

    Congratulations Ladies!
    PRIMA donna (Italian for first ladies) aka
     Primary ribbon instructors @May Arts

  103. Esther Ellis

    Since we love all the members on the team, I'm suggesting the name "mymayartists."

  104. Tina Mayo

    the "Ribbonistas"
    congratulations ladies!!!

  105. Michelle G

    Congrats to all you super talented ladies!  I was thinking maybe you could base your name off of Fashionista's – afterall all they set the trends and keep us current in fashion – so you all could be the Ribbonista's!    Thanks for the chance to win and all the inspiration!  God Bless!

  106. Laura Cox

    Congrats….all very much deserved!!!!  As for possible "titles"…..
    maybe "The Specialty Spools"  or the Ribbonista Renegades? 

  107. Stephanie

    Congrats ladies!  How about the Fab 5 Ribbon Junkies?  Can't wait to see your creations1

  108. Archana

    Big congratulations to all the five fabulous ladies.Thanks a ton for this wonderful candy.What about May Arts Artist?

  109. Connie L. Riley

    Congratulations to Candy, Charlene, Jen, Karen and Leah.  Your talents are many and so varied.  As an appropriate name I would sugges "May Ribbon Artisans."  Thanks for another great giveaway and i'm looking forward to another great week!

  110. els

    Huge congrats, ladies!!! Well deserved! Some amazing talents on the team.  How about the Fab Five 🙂

  111. Susan Huston

    Congratulations to Candy, Charlene, Jen, Leah and Karen!  It's always great to have trusted team members there to help you out.  I think they should be called the May Arts Design Divas!

  112. Jo Nicholl

    Forgot to add that I think your team name should be the" Ribbon Reelers"

  113. BevE

    Congrats everyone! How about Ribbonesta Divas.

  114. Jo Nicholl

    Congrats to the fab 5 – Candy, Charlene, Jen, Karen and Leah! Loving your work x

  115. Benwah (Beneta)

    Congratulations to the FAB 5.  I thing you should be called the Delightful Scrappers or Ribbon Troupe.  Thanks.

  116. Diana Evensen

    Congratulations ladies.  I commented on each of your blogs as well. 
    I like the May Arts Ribbon Wranglers suggestion.

  117. Marilize

    Ooh – congrats you lovely ladies 🙂
    "The ribbonistas" – short, sweet and to the point. Imagine how cool it will look if written in ribbon…

  118. Helena

    Congrats to all the talented ladies! Can not wait to see all the  projects. Thank for the chance to win. How about the Rainbow from ribbons?

  119. Kas

    Woo Hoo!! Congrats ladies!!

  120. Rosann

    Congratulations Candy, Charlene, Jen Karen and Leah !
    I have two:  Ribbonista Reminant or Ribbionista Threads

  121. Sherry Brown

    Congratulations!  Am looking forward to seeing what you ladies create.

  122. Christine Dring

    Congratulations Candy, Charlene, Jen, Karen and Leah! You all rock! Hmmm… The Rockin' Ribbonistas! 

  123. Virginia Fynes

    Congrats Ladies!!

  124. Barb King

    Congrats to you all.  How about the Rock Star Ribbonistas?

  125. Dana W

    Congrats ladies!!  How about 'May Art Experts'

  126. Molly Walsh

    CONGRATS Ladies. May Arts Artists

  127. Brenda Smalle

    Congratulations to the team!!!  You're all so inspirational….
    Name:  The Ribbon Candy Girls

  128. by belle

    Congrats ladies!!  How about the Bella Donnas?

  129. C arol B

    Congrats ladies! Some name ideas:
    The Ribbonistas
    The MayArtistas
    The Ribbon Obsessed
    Carol B

  130. Sherry Yeager

    Thanks to all. Stamping With Love  is a good choice

  131. Gloria Westerman

    Congratulaition ladies!!!!! I'm so excited for all you guys and cant wati to see your creations….
    Name- May Arts Diva's

  132. Donna R

    Congrats to all the ladies who are joining the design team. Can't wait to see all the fabulous inspiration. How about the Inspiring Ribbonistas?

  133. Colleen Dewis

    Congrats ladies!!! I had nothing for a name but I love Teresa's Ribbon Wranglers from the post above me….

  134. Sarah Bates

    Congratulations to the Fab Five.  How 'bout "Tie up my heart"?

  135. Teresa Kieser

    Five Fabulous Ribbon Wranglers!
    And congrats, ladies.  🙂


  136. kathleen schriber


  137. Miriam Prantner

    Huge congratulations to you guys!  I like either the Spool Sisters, Spool Divas or the Divas of Spool.

  138. Helen Marie Brown

    Congrats to all you beautiful ladies!  Ribbonistas!  This works for me.

  139. Cheryl Hutcherson

    My team name suggestion:  The Ribbonette Ribbonistas!

  140. Cheryl Hutcherson

    Congratulations ladies! 

  141. JCYEE

    Congrats Ladies! Creative Ribbon Specialists.

  142. Sherri Brown

    On my previous suggestion if you did like something on the different side you could call the "C.C.C."  "The May Arts Triple C"
     Oh I better say it one more time…..Congrats!!!!!! LOL ! 

  143. Simone Aardenburg

    Congratulations Team ladies, what do you think of the name 
    'May Art Design Team' slogan: The Art of May Art Design  
    Lots of regards from Holland, you have beautiful ribbon! 
    Simone Aardenburg 

  144. Sherri Brown

    One more….CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    "C.C.C." for "Creating Colorful Creations"

  145. Naomi A. of CO

    Congrats to all on the new team!  What an awesome privilege!  I say calling yourselves the "May Arts Cinco Cintas"!

  146. Sherri Brown

    Congrats, again! 
    How about something a little different?
    "C.C.C.Q." for "Colorful Creative Crafting Queens"

  147. Anita Braddock

    Wow Congrats to you and your new Fab 5 Team. thanks for the chance to name your Team and for the chance to win. what an Awesome Giveaway.
    The May Arts sleak and silky Ribbonistas

  148. Ann M

    Congrats, ladies! What a super team this will be! And for a team name….Royal Ribbonistas. 

  149. Marilyn Hughes

    Congratulations ladies!  I see this has already been mentioned, but I was thinking The Fab Five would be an awesome name.

  150. Sherri Brown

    Congatulations to you all!
    "May Arts Dream Queens"

  151. maria mendoza

    Congrats the 5 design team memebers. Can't wait to see your new creations. what about the name for design team is called Ribbon Warriors 

  152. Annette Hindes

    Congratulations Ladies!!!!!
    or should I call you the "May Arts Mavens"

  153. Sherri Brown

    M.A.R.(May Arts Ribbon)
    "Dream Team Queens!"
    Congratulations to all of you!!!

  154. Becky S.

    Congratulations.   How about the May Arts Belle Ribbonista's 

  155. Jo

    Congratulations ladies!  what an honour to be chosen!  how about the Bowlicious Babes!

  156. Ceely King

    Congratulations to all five! Let this name roll around: The May Arts' Ribbon Dolls.

  157. Jessica

    Congrats ladies!! What about mays ribbon rampagers!!

  158. Margie Visnick

    Welcome to the team! I immediately thought of "Fab Five"

  159. Barb Ghigliotty

    A huge congrats to the new DT gals!
    I like to keep things simple, so my suggestion is: "May Arts Creative Team"

  160. Melita

    Congratulations ladies! (and a special shout out to my friend Candy!!) And for a team name…how about May Arts Ribbon Specialists?

  161. Beverly Jordan

    Wow!!! These are really the most talented ladies out there!! Can not wait to see all the fun projects ahead!! Congratulations, ladies!!!

  162. Michele Ciola

    Hmmm name . . how about Ribbon Divas

  163. Lisa P

    Congrats to the fab 5. The projects they create have shown real talent and a dt spot is well deserved. Great job ladies. I am horrible at titles and coming up with fun names. I like the Fab Five. If you want your name in the title it could be the MayArtistas

  164. Cyndi Stephenson

    Forgot to congratulate you gals.  Cannot wait to see what you all will be creating for us.

  165. Cyndi Stephenson

    "MAY We Always Be Creating ART Team"

  166. jackie p

    congrats ladies!!  i can't wait to be inspired by all your fabulous work!!  i think you should be called "The Ribbon Posse"

  167. Ange

    Congrats ladies, that is awesome!!
    For the name: Ribbon Rocking Divas!

  168. Michele Ciola

    Congrats to all the talented ladies! Can't wait to see what they come up with. What a great giveaway as well. Somebody is really going to enjoy all this scrappy goodness!

  169. erin

    Congrats gals, you guys are such rock stars!  I think the new team should be called May Arts Masters.

  170. Nina Nuernberger

    Congrats ladies! I can't wait to see your work!
    A name……. how about 'the May Queens' !

  171. Jamie Greene

    WOW, Congrats to you lucky 5!  As for a name, how about Fab Five Ribbonistas.

  172. Geri Apodaca

    Congratulations Ladies!!!!  I'm Excited to see all the Beautiful creations you all come up with….


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