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Patriots Day Card Challenge


Hi, Sandy here!  It’s Patriot’s Day and I’m bringing you a sketch … a card … a video… and a challenge!

First, the sketch! I love love love working from sketches. They keep me organized, and if it’s a complex sketch like this one, a sketch can push me to snag some little scraps and use them up on a card.

I made this patriotic card from the sketch; this week always inspires me to get out the red, white, and blue when I remember the day of the attacks in New York City. I used to live there, and actually worked in the Tower 2 for a time…and that small connection to the tragedy makes me so grateful for all the first responders who stood strong during that emergency. As well I’m thankful for those who signed up for our military because of the events of that day – I have the utmost respect for those brave enough to stand in harm’s way for our nation.

The flag is made using May Arts red suede string – and for our American ribbon fans, check out the video to learn an easy way to make the right number of stripes in the flag!


The challenge:

Make a thank you card for a first responder, a service member, or someone in your community who serves faithfully! You might even encourage your children to color a picture, too, and drop it off at your local fire station or police station. Post your creation to your blog or photo sharing account (like Flickr), and link it up at the end of this post. I’d love to see what you’ve made and who you’ll send it to!



  • May Arts Suede String: 395-18-14
  • Stamp Runner, Mono Multi Liquid Glue: Tombow
  • Patterned papers: TPC Studios
  • Border punch: EK Success
  • Sentiment: My Favorite Things
  • Star punch: Fiskars
  • Embossing folder: Provocraft


Blog post by: Sandy Allnock

Be sure to leave plenty of comments to win!



  1. Diana Evensen

    Thanks, Sandy, for this neat challenge.  My card doesn't use patriotic colors, but it was fun to make.  I love the way you used the red suede ribbon on yours, and how you helped us know how many red stripes the US flag has.  Thanks!

  2. Annette Hindes

    Thanks for the sketch and challenge!
    My version is #18

  3. Connie L. Riley

    Thank you Sandy for a great card and especially for the sketch behind it. I can use it for multiple cards for my Ornament Collectors Club–we provide cards for the local Veteran's Hospital and since Veteran's Day is coming up this will be a great design.  Love the detailed video!

  4. Janj

    Thanks Sandy for the fabulous card sketch and video.  Love all the new cards for added inspirations.  Thank you too Sandy for all you do to support our service men and women!

  5. Cheri

    Sandy, your card is beautiful.  Thanks so much for the challenge idea.  It was a fun one to do.  I took one card and a plate of brownies to my local poice department.  I took a second to the ambulance shed.  It was fun.

  6. LinhC

    Wow, these are beautiful cards for beautiful people who serve our country!  Great challenge!

  7. Kara

    This amuses me. My first try at this challenge was #9, my second is #12. Gives a great example of how some layering can make a project pop. 🙂

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  9. rush

    thank you for the tutorial!

  10. Kim H

    great work everyone. thanks for sharing.

  11. Ruth G

    Wonderful! Fabulous job with the sketch and with your patriotic take on it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. sharon gullikson

    What a great card. I love patriotic ones–

  13. Colleen O

    Fantastic idea! My 5 year old son already makescards for our troops. He loves stamping and crafting so it keeps him busy while I create my own cards.

  14. Marilyn Leonard

    Love the video and card!   I agree with eariler post – the cards already submitted are fabulous!

  15. Annette Hindes

    Great Tutorial and Sketch!!
    Especially like how the card jumps into the  shot!

  16. Emily H

    Fabulous layout! What a great use of ribbon!

  17. Renee VanEpps

    Awesome Patriot's Day card!!!  TFS

  18. Kathy P

    Love your card, and your video is wonderful!  Great sketch, can't wait to make a card.  Those submitted already are fabulous!!!

  19. Jeniff

    Great card!

  20. Kara

    Love the tips regarding the stripes on the flag.

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  22. Sharon Page

    Love everything about this….the card, the ribbon, the sketch and the challenge. Can't wait to get crafty!

  23. kathy/NorthCarolina

    What a great sketch…and a great card, too!

  24. Sue D

    Wonderful card–I like the sketch and the suede string for the stripes.

  25. Jen Radloff

    Very nice card!  I really like the "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit…" card….

  26. Barb Housner

    thank you for the great sketch – it was a little intimidating at first but I broke it down into each little piece like a puzzle and then it came together.
    Barb Housner

  27. Kristie Maynard

    Very nice card!  Your tip about the stripes is great.  I always have to stop and think about the stripes and this makes it so simple.  Thanks for sharing and all you do.

  28. Dotti

    Great video, Sandy! I love that you put as much of your heart, talent and time into cards to thank our heroes as you do the ones they get to use to write home on. Thank you for your encouragement and service.

  29. Donna Nuce (Crafty Colonel)

    We will remember.  Especially me since I was there in D.C. on 9-11-2001.    Thanks for a beautiful sketch.  I love all the layers and the different elements to it.  It will make a beautiful card.  I'll have to post one next week since I am packing up to attend the Archiver's Scrapfest (yeah!) at the Mall of the America.  Oh boy, can't wait!

  30. Paula

    LOVE this sketch! very cool flag you created….I'm so glad I had time to play along

  31. Carmen

    Beautiful card! Thanks for the inspiration

  32. Cheryl Hutcherson

    Love this card!!


    great card sandy!  love the tips on getting the flag just right.. 

  34. Narda

    Love the sketch and the card! Great way to remember the stripes in the flag.

  35. Melissa T.

    Wow! That is a great sketch and the ribbon looks lovely. 🙂

  36. Cheri

    Thanks for thinking of this.  Great card.  Thanks for he tips on flagmaking.

  37. Beth

    I love your sketch and your card.  I will make a card for your challenge.

  38. Lilo

    Love the sketch, and what a beautiful card.  I really like your hair cut. : )

  39. Sherry Hickey

    Beautiful card, Sandy, a wonderful way to remember 9/11. Love the sketch and your video tutorials are fun to watch and I learn so much! Thanks.

  40. Miriam Prantner

    GREAT card!  Love how you created the flag!  Definitely going to try and play along here!

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  42. steph d.

    great card and sketch.  yes, we still remember that day and are grateful to those who serve our community faithfully.  thanks for the great challenge!  *hugs* steph 🙂

  43. Randee S

    Love your card and the sketch.  Great tip on getting the right number of strips on the card and to use the Suede String for the red stripes.  Thanks for sharing.  I always enjoy your videos.

  44. Penny Douphinett

    Wonderful card as always Sandy!  I love this sketch – I already have so many ideas.


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