DIY Ribbon & Feathers Headband

ribbon and feather headband

Hi!  This is Jingle here with a simple method for creating an absolutely stunning statement hairpiece!  Today I will show you how to create this beautiful Ribbon & Feather Headband in just a few simple steps!

ribbon and feather headband supplies



ribbon and feather headband step 1

To begin, cut four lengths of the ribbon, fold the ends to the center and secure with glue.  Allow to dry.
ribbon and feather headband step 2

Layer the folded pieces and glue together to create a flower and adhere the button to the top.  Allow to dry.
ribbon and feather headband step 3

Glue three feathers to the backside of the flower you have created.
ribbon and feather headband step 4

Adhere flower with feathers to headband.  Allow to dry.

And that is it, folks!  It’s really THAT easy!

ribbon and feather headband 2

I hope you give this a shot!  I love how the May Arts ribbon is just so luxurious and adds so much to this easy to create headband!

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