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1.5 Inch Satin Metallic Reversible Ribbon with Woven Edge

Length: 25 Yard

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: 428-15

This 1.5 inch by 25 yard ribbon is a satin that reverses to a metallic silver or gold. It is ideal for tying beautiful bows on gift baskets, floral arrangements and packages. A perfect addition to Christmas projects of all kinds.

Check out our band new $10 15 yard metallic reversible options, the SKUs ending with an “S”. These versions have a more distinct metallic edging.

Gold and silver ribbons are favorites for Christmas! Explore more holiday wholesale ribbon.


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  • 428-15-01S WHITE/ SILVER (NEW) 15YRDS

    66 in stock

  • 428-15-03S NAVY/SILVER (NEW) 15YRDS

    36 in stock

  • 428-15-09S IVORY/GOLD (NEW) 15YRDS

    127 in stock

  • 428-15-14S RED/GOLD (NEW) 15YRDS

    207 in stock

  • 428-15-16S OLIVE/GOLD (NEW) 15YRDS

    58 in stock

  • 428-15-19S DUSTY PINK/GOLD (NEW) 15YRDS

    24 in stock

  • 428-15-22 FUCHSIA/SILVER 25YDS

    Out of stock

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  • 428-15-30S GOLD/SILVER (NEW) 15YRDS

    43 in stock

  • 428-15-31S GRAY/SILVER (NEW) 15YRDS

    177 in stock

  • 428-15-44 ROYAL BLUE/SILVER 25YDS

    9 in stock

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