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2 Inch 100% Jute Burlap Ribbon with Color Wired Edge

Length: 10 Yards

Fiber Content: 100% Jute

Series SKU: 520

This 2 inch wide by 10 yard roll of burlap ribbon has vibrant color edges that add a fun touch to any project. Looking for the more down to home feel that burlap provides but don’t want it to look too rustic? The color edges are perfect for any occasion! Burlap ribbon is a favorite for beach, rustic, and farmhouse motifs. This burlap ribbon has a tighter weave than our 398 Series or 516 Series.

Wired ribbons help you bend and create bows with ease. The wired edges allow bows to form perfect rigid loops.

Burlap always seems to be on-trend. Explore other burlap wholesale ribbon options.

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  • 520-2-01 NATURAL/WHITE

    188 in stock

  • 520-2-10 NATURAL/BLACK

    37 in stock

  • 520-2-14 NATURAL/RED

    192 in stock

  • 520-2-16 NATURAL/OLIVE

    75 in stock

  • 520-2-22 NATURAL/FUCHSIA

    33 in stock

  • 520-2-28 NATURAL/ORANGE

    48 in stock


    11 in stock

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