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Sentimental Journey Vintage Valentine Mailbox

Gonna take a Sentimental Journey,
Gonna set my heart at ease.
Gonna make a Sentimental Journey,
to renew old memories.

 Bud Green/Les Brown, Ben Homer

All aboard for a sentimental journey!  The Ribbon Lady’s challenge this month is a Vintage Valentine challenge inspired by the song “Sentimental Journey”. (see above link)    As I thought about that song, my mind wandered to the letters my husband sent me when he was in the Army.  I was inspired to dig them out of the box in the closet and spent an afternoon re-reading about his love for me.  Sigh….   I thought of how I eagerly awaited the arrival of the mailman and each precious letter he placed in the mailbox.

Here’s a little project that I hope will get your creative Vintage Valentine juices flowing.  What better place to hold those special love notes than a Vintage Valentine Mailbox made extra special by dreamy May Arts Ribbons and DCWV Adhesive Fabric Paper. 


Supply List

  • May Arts Ribbon – ¼” taupe silk (SK35), 1.5” silky crush – ivory (UK09), 3/8” lace (390-38-09), 5/8” ruffled edge faux suede (NV17), burlap twine natural (SM10)
  • DCWV Adhesive Backed Fabric Paper
  • Metal mailbox (you can find these at craft and big box stores for $1) sizes vary
  • 1/8” and 1/4“ strong double-sided adhesive tape
  • Chipboard hearts; Kraft tag; beads, stick on pearls, rub-ons; dried rose; white craft ink; sepia toned ink


  1. Measure the center portion of your mailbox.  Cut the DCWV Adhesive Fabric Paper to fit.  Peel off backing and apply to the mailbox.  No tape or glue required!  Love that!
  2. Remove the “door” of the mailbox and use it as a template to cut the Fabric Paper for both ends. Cut out and apply Fabric paper to the ends of the mailbox.  Apply  the ¼” strong double-sided tape to the outside edges.  Wrap and stick the ¼” May Arts Taupe Silk Ribbon the ends.  Add a strip of 1/8” strong double-sided tape over the silk ribbon.  Adhere the May Arts lace ribbon, covering about ½ of the silk. 

  1. Apply ¼” double-sided tape to both ends of the mailbox. Wrap the May Arts Ruffled edge Faux Suede ribbon.  Repeat with the 1/8” double-sided tape and the taupe silk ribbon.
  2. Trace the mailbox flag onto the fabric paper.  Some flags can be removed to do this.  Cover the flag. Embellish with ribbon, heart and stick on pearl.
  3. Tie silky crushed ribbon around the back end of the mailbox.  Embellish with Kraft tag and bead dangles.  Apply rub-ons to the  large chipboard heart. Sponge the edges with sepia ink.  Embellish with stick on pearl and dried rose, if desired.

Now wrap those precious love letters in that elegant May Arts ribbon for safe keeping.

Thanks for joining us on a Sentimental Journey.  We can’t wait to see what Vintage Valentines you create with beautiful May Arts Ribbons.

Blog post by: Charlene Driggs

  1. Sue

    Very beautiful and a real treat for the recipient.  Love the uses for the ribbons. TFS

  2. Helen Lebrett

    WOW!  That is one amazing box!!  Love your use of ribbons, the colors you used, and the wonderful bits of bling!!  So romantic and sweet!!

  3. Jean Keefe

    Love this project – beautifully done!  Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Laura Cox

    Oooo, is this soooo pretty!   Love the papers!

  5. Kathy P

    WOW!  Gorgeous!

  6. Monika/buzsy

    GORGEOUS! The fabric paper and ribbon look fabulous together.

  7. Shona

    Wow Charlene – this is a work of "heart".  Just beautiful.

  8. Sue Kment

    Love this great box Charlene…and who wouldn't trust their treasured love letters to some of this gorgeous ribbon!?!!!

  9. Bethany Becker

    So gorgeous!  

  10. Amanda Coleman

    So pretty!  I just went out and bought some of that fabric paper today!

  11. Tracy

    I love the vintage feel to it, its just beautiful.

  12. Kristie Maynard

    Beautiful!  Love the papers and ribbons are a perfect match for this lovely project!

  13. Jeyatha

    Amazing creativity..

  14. Marie

    I love this! What a way to store cherished memories!! 🙂

  15. Christine Dring

    Wow, this is stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Sar Tann

    Your mailbox is absolutely GORGEOUS in all aspects!!!


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