Homemade Crafts: Sewn Ribbon Bookmarks

After many, MANY times of finding one of my husbands books stuffed with a piece of tissue marking his place, I decided he needed something a little more sturdy and permanent to hold his place.  So, I set to work on creating a little something to help him out.

 Sewn Ribbon Bookmarks

These sweet little bookmarks are super easy to create and are sturdy enough to last.  No more tissues holding place for this family!

 Sewn Ribbon Bookmarks

I ended up creating a simple one from the Frayed Thread Ribbon in Pewter for my hubby that I kept plain.  I’m assuming he’d want something a little more masculine.  Baby girl got one in a pretty Turquoise Chevron/Twill that I let her decorate herself!  She really went to town with my stash of silk ribbon flowers!

 Sewn Ribbon Bookmarks

But my favorite has to be the one I created for myself in the White Faux Linen Ribbon.  It’s a little bigger to accommodate a magazine, and has a classic look, decorated with a simple silk ribbon flower, as well.

If you’d like to see how to create one (or MORE!) for your own summer reading list, check out the video tutorial below.

Happy reading!

By Mary Brockway


May Arts Ribbon Used:

18 inches each of the Frayed Thread and Chevron/Twill

22 inches of the Faux Linen

20 inches of varying colors of the 1.25 inch silk



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