DIY Shabby Chic Frame & Card


Turn a vintage sale find into something new and shabby chic with just a few garage and crafty supplies, along with a gorgeous combination of May Arts ribbon and Authentique paper. Wow, what a beautiful mix!

I found a frame at a local salvation store for only $.75-it was dirty and awkward looking hanging on the shelf. I knew it would be perfect for a shabby chic project I had in mind for a Mother’s Day gift. I have seen gorgeous altered frames on the internet and wanted to try a go at it myself. It was so easy! After spraying the frame with a few blasts of compressed air, I spray painted lightly and allowed it to dry. Then, attaching chicken wire to the back was a piece of cake with the help of a staple gun (and my husband!). I now had a shabby chic project, similar to a bulletin board!

For a bit of added interest, and to soften the entire piece, I grabbed about a foot of May Art’s silk ribbon in white (SK01), affixed it to the frame with more staples and tied a double bow at the top. I love this ribbon and use it often: it is so soft and pliable, it makes big puffy bows, yet is really sturdy and durable for hanging items too! Each focal element that was added to the piece was attached with tiny clothespins to the chicken wire. The recipient can easily change out the picture and embellishments for each season or year!

I was able to embellish the frame and photograph with a few gorgeous details from Authentique’s Delightful Collection. The patterns, the texture and the colors fit in perfectly with my shabby chic frame! The pinwheel was created by die cutting the Lovely paper and adhering together with a brad.

The beautiful butterfly also uses a die and the Beautiful and Charming papers. An antenna was created by looping the soft May Art’s Yellow Baker’s Twine (412-27) around the two die cut butterflies and tying a knot at the base. Too cute if you ask me!


Here’s the finished piece again:

Every shabby chic gift needs a shabby chic card! After misting the base of the card with pink spray and allowing to dry and stamping the sentiment, I wrapped the card base with the same May Art’s silk ribbon in white and tied it off with burlap string. The tag and stickers came from Authentique’s Delightful Collection as well.

Blog post by: Karen Baker


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  2. erin

    Precious frame!

  3. Kristie Maynard

    What a fabulous project!  I'm not good at shabby chic, but I think I could even do this.  Wouldn't have thought it up, but now I don't need to.  Anyone would love to receive this gift!  Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. jen shears

    what a fun project! And a great gift idea!!

  5. Emily h

    Love it! What a great idea!

  6. Pendra

    What a gorgeous project… would love to make one of these for the craft room to hang my newest work to look at until the next one!  TFS!

  7. Sue D

    Wonderful shabby chic frame and card.  I like how you use clothespins to hang items.

  8. Lisa L.

    ooohhh I love the chickenwire and the farm look it gives this project!  Thanks so much!

  9. Kathy P

    Cute frame….love that card!

  10. Marlena M

    This is so cool! I love the texture! That baby is DARLING-star of the show.

  11. Holly Elliott

    Beautiful project!

  12. Ashley N Newell

    What a great project!  I love the wire and how the items hang on it!

  13. Virginia Ogg

    Any Mother would be very proud to receive this; it is beautiful! 

  14. B. Poteraj

    The little clothespin and butterfly look really cute on the wire. This is so cute because it can be switched out whenever you want to change the photo or decorations.

  15. Bethany Becker

    Stunning frame.  I love this idea.  Thanks for sharing!

  16. Sharon Gullikson

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE chicken wire. I don't know why, but I always have. Maybe because it looks like honeycomb? Anyway, this is such a cute idea, I'd like to make one for my craft room. Maybe put a photo of my dog in it.

  17. Christine Dring

    Goreous frame and card Karen!

  18. Becky D

    Oh Karen – I LOVE this!  I am definitely going to try this project!  Thanks so much for sharing!  

  19. Karen L K

    I love that frame. So darn cute and I like that you could change it around.

  20. Karen McAlpine

    Such a cute idea.  Love the clothes pin to attach the accent piece.  

  21. Kelly Malacko

    Love the frame!

  22. Marsha F

    Great idea for a unique frame & I love the layers on your card!

  23. Jessica Toulmin

    That frame is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Amy Jones

    Adorable.  I love the frame.  The color is so neat the way it fades like old wood.  I love all the elements of this.  And that card is amazing.

  25. Trudi Wilbur

    That frame is so sweet and the card is pretty too!

  26. Michele D

    Stunning project and stunning card to go with!

  27. Miriam Prantner

    Great projects!  Love that little frame, and the adorable elements that you clothespinned on, and the card is lovely, I really like the misted background!


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