Spring/Summer 2014 Preview with Moore Fashion Students

Back in April, May Arts announced a new partnership with Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia that would give students the opportunity to present designs for new ribbon. We approached Moore because we were looking for ideas on how to add more variety -for fashion and apparel customers especially- to our already large selection. Some of the May Arts team got a chance to meet with the students last week and see their final ribbon presentations. We hope to inspire and empower you, our customers, with their preview of Spring/Summer 2014 trends in fashion.

The students presented their color reports, ribbon designs, and illustrations of how the ribbons could be used in apparel one-by-one to the entire class and the team from May Arts.

“Many of the ribbons would be great additions to swimsuits, beach cover-ups, totes, hats, Children’s Wear, and women’s Streetwear. Ribbon is so versatile, and such a natural compliment to apparel,” said the students’ professor Linda Wisner of the final ribbon designs.


The overall themes of the presentations for Spring/Summer 2014 fell into the following categories: Ocean Inspired, Floral Fashion, Moroccan/Tribal, and Geometric Fun.

One standout design was from Oksana T., who chose a picnic theme for her ribbon designs. Marc Jacobs used the picnic theme in his Spring/Summer 2014 preview. The ribbon designs were inspired by watermelon, featuring pink and green stripes, as well as seeds. Another standout design was from sophomore Natalia, who presented anchor satin cutouts in her nautical theme.

The students did a great job with their designs. Our Creative Director, Cecilia Corzo, was impressed with the creativity, attention to the various needs of our customers, and quality of their designs. “The students loved being able to participate in this project! They really tried to create designs that could be functional for not only fashion, but all of the other various industries May Arts works with,” said Professor Wisner.


This is the first of many collaborations we hope to do with Moore College of Art & Design, as well as other universities across the United States. The project highlights what May Arts is best known for, its fresh and innovative design for all industries and occasions.

We were very impressed with the students’ designs, and we think you will be as well. “As we start to plan the new ribbon lines for next spring, we will most definitely be incorporating some of the ribbons presented to us,” said Corzo.

Check back on Thursday and next Tuesday to see some of the students’ featured ribbon designs, as well as illustrations to spark your creativity for Spring/Summer 2014!





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