Thrifty Gifting – Oh, Baby!

Welcome back to the May Arts blog!   It seems as though everywhere I look signs of spring are popping up all over.  Springtime also means new babies and that means I need to have some quick and thrifty gifts on hand.  I was trying to think of something unique and yet useful for the new wee ones when I thought of baby shoes…that was until I saw the prices.  The sticker shock drove me to eBay where I found these nearly new shoes for a fraction of their price new.

Babies rarely wear their shoes out before they outgrow them and these are just like brand new.   Nice but not gift worthy…yet. 

IMG 5375I traded the laces for May Arts Ribbons and look at the transformation!  Aren’t they cute?  I think they look like they came from a fancy baby shop.

IMG 5384 1

IMG 5390I also created a few accessories to go with each pair of shoes for a complete gift set.  The pink “laces” are stamped in white craft ink.  Here’s how I did it.


Supply List:

  • Baby shoes (eBay)
  • May Arts 3/8” Satin Reversible Stitch Edge (BM17) cut the same length as the original laces
  • White craft ink
  • Rubber or acrylic stamps (Papertrey Ink)
  • Alphabet ribbon slides
  • Heat gun or iron set on low
  • Matching socks (Target)

IMG 5376Heat seal the ribbon ends by holding over a candle.  Be careful not to get too close.  The ribbon will melt from the heat of the candle.

IMG 5380Stamp the sentiment on the ribbon spacing approximately 2.5” apart.  I heat set the ink with a heat gun. 

IMG 5379Thread the ribbon slides onto the ribbon making sure they are centered then lace the shoes.  That’s it!   I added a little notepad as a gift for the new mom to record precious events that sometimes get forgotten before they find their way into the baby book.  You can find a template for the notepad cover by Nicole Heady here.
IMG 5400

IMG 5407

IMG 5405

Here’s the little boy gift set. 

IMG 5394I used May Arts 3/8” red/white checked ribbon (KB14) for the laces threaded with the same alphabet slides.  A simple card and a set of word blocks that I painted white then decoupaged with Mod Podge and scrapbook paper and rub on letters, complete the set.

IMG 5393The card is 4 ¼” square.  I added a single layer 4 3/8” square of red cardstock to the back of the card make the color pop.

IMG 53901Thanks to May Arts and a little thrifty creating, you can create a gift that looks like it cost much more.  Now that’s enough to make you say, “Oh Baby”!

IMG 54051

IMG 53941We appreciate your visits with us and love your questions and comments.

Blog post by: Charlene Driggs

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  1. Susan Jensen

    So cute for a shower or House Welcome Baby Gift>

  2. Lucy

    I love the ribbon laces idea!!!  The journal and the card make it a perfect gift.  

  3. conniemelancon

    This is precious!  I love this idea.  I have a couple of baby showers coming up and will need to remember this idea.

  4. Larissa Heskett =)

    WOW!! What a cute and fun idea!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  5. Leah

    How completely cute and sweet!!! Charlene, you always inspire!!!

  6. Sue Kment

    Charlene, your brain is in overdrive on this one…so so sweet and very creative!

  7. Andea Miller

    Shoe stinkin' cute, Charlene!

  8. Laurel S

    What adorable sets! Great idea!

  9. Suzie Q12

    I love both sets.  You did an incredible job.  If I had to choose one over the other====It would be the girls set; because I love the book that you did to go with this set.

  10. cher

    oh I am sooooooo gonna do this lolol…so very cute! 2 baby showers this year so far…whoohooo! ty ty ty

  11. Susan Jensen

    Cutest thing for Easter? If time stood stll for a week we might get some done?? Im senior / donator. Perfect

  12. Helen Lebrett

    WOW !  This is one amazing set of ideas!!  Thanks!  It will get used 🙂

  13. Susan Mac Donald

    someone that's lucky to get these will be so thrilled!! such a cute idea, with lots of work & LOVE!

  14. Kelly

    What a cute idea.  So creative!

  15. Cynthia

    So so cute! I love little baby things. Wish I'd seen this post before sending a gift for my cousin's new baby girl! She would've rocked those tiny pink tennies. 🙂

  16. ellen s

    these are so cute!

  17. Gloria Westerman

    How adorable!!!!!  I've pin this also….love this idea….

  18. Kristie Maynard

    How adorable!  Now I wish I had a little one to do this for!  So darn cute.  I'll have to pin this on my Pinterest board for later use.  TFS!

  19. Jessica Toulmin

    I absolutely love the idea. They look awesome.  And having matching socks inside the shoes gives them that extra special touch.

  20. Niki

    Oh My Gosh I so have to do this !! We are expecting our first grandbaby in July !! Thanks for the great idea ! I think I will hit the local thrift shop first before I hit ebay !! Thanks

  21. Kimberly Jones

    What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I love the red gingham on the boys shoes. So cute!

  22. Dorina D

    So cute. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing

  23. Julie F

    Just thought of it . . . These are great "Hand-Me-Down" helpers too! 

  24. Julie F

    Great ideas! Love them!

  25. Jingle

    Super cute!!!


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