Craft Tips For Card Making With Ribbon

Tips for Card Making with Ribbon

Using ribbon instead of paper can make your card go from wow to OMG!

Checkered pattern paper is very popular with card makers.  It is very versatile and can really pop on a card.  Here I’ve used checkered ribbon instead of paper.

Tips for Card Making with Ribbon

Cut cardstock to size.  Wrap ribbon just around the edges for a finished look adhering with score-tape.  I used a 5/8” lightweight faux canvas in between the checkered ribbon to add a little more interest.

Now for the bow….I love the to heat the sheer ribbons!

Tips for Card Making with Ribbon

Tie the bow.  Use clip in center only to hold down.  Twist the ends to the shape you want and lay down.  Carefully heat set ribbon.  You will see it shrivel.  Be careful not to overheat and burn holes in it.  You can take a pair of tweezers to bend bow into shape/bending while heating. 

Tips for Card Making with Ribbon

When you are done the bow will stay in the shape you heated it. 🙂  “I know right!”  “So awesome!”

Blog post by: Rhea Weigand


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