Beautiful Gift Wrapping Bow


Those big, fluffy, multi-layered, 5-ingredient bows that
billow up, out, and stay poofy looking? No wired-edge ribbon was used. Want to
make these attention-grabbing, cake topping, show stopping bows?

 Layer , Stack, and

3 separate bows are stacked one atop of the other. Each bow
graduates in loop-length. Like a tiered cake, the smallest bow is stacked atop
the middle bow, which is then layered to the largest bow on the bottom.  Use an odd-number of elements, layering a
narrow ribbon over a wider ribbon. In this sample, five May Arts Ribbons were

  • 3/4″-wide Grosgrain Solid (Fuchsia) QH22
  • 1.5″-wide Woven Check (Pink/Brown) KB93
  • 3″-wide Sheer (Light Fuchsia) C23
  • 1.5″-wide Grosgrain Solid (Brown) QH33
  • ½”-wide Leaves (Burgundy) BY25

(ribbon lengths are
determined by the required end size of bow)

  •  2  12″ twist
    ties. (I prefer pipe cleaners when stacking bows)
  • 1-piece of 3/4″-wide Grosgrain Solid (Fuschia) to tie
  • Adhesive Tape (if wrapping a gift box)
  • Sharp Scissors

Gift Box straps:

  • 3/4″-wide Grosgrain Solid (Fuchsia) QH22
  • 1″-wide Grosgrain Ric Rac (Brown) 330-33

Step 1


Make Bow-1; a 4 loop florist bow with 2 ingredients.

Layer 3/4″-Grosgrain (Fuchsia) centered over 1.5″
Woven Check. Secure center with a 12″ twist-tie.

Step 2


Make Bow-2; a 10 loop florist bow with 2 ingredients.

Layer 1.5″-Grosgrain Check ribbon centered over
3″-Sheer (Light Fuchsia), making loops longer than Bow-1. When your
Grosgrain Check ribbon stops at 4 or 5 loops, finish making the rest of the 5
loops with 3″-Sheer. Secure center with a 12″ twist-tie.

Step 3




Make Bow-3; a 6 loop florist bow with 3 ingredients.

Form a very large, oversized 2 loop bow with the Leaves,
allowing the tails to fall, one on each side of the bow. Set aside. Layer 3/4″-Grograin
Fuchsia centered on 1.5″-Grosgrain Brown. The 1.5″-Grosgrain Brown
will only make 4 loops; finish with 2 more loops with the 3/4″-Grograin
Fuchsia, leaving long tails. Be sure this bow has loops that are longer than
Bow-2. Center Leaves over Grosgrain bow. Secure with a length of 3/4″-Grosgrain
Fuchsia with a “Chef’s Knot”.

 (Instructions for a
Chef’s Knot appear in the June
8 2009 blog post)

Step 4-Assemble

Secure each bow to
the other, in graduated-size order. Add half-knots on the ends of 3 tails for
added dimension. Secure to box with existing twist tie from bow. Tuck or cut








You did it! This
layer and stack technique works for all sorts of ribbon combinations. Here’s another




If attaching bow to a
gift box

Strap gift box with 3/4″-Grosgrain (Fuchsia) in one
direction only. Along side Grosgrain, strap box with 1″-Ric Rac (Brown) in
same direction. Adhere with double sided tape. Secure bow to grosgrain strap
using the twist tie on the back of the bow.

 Tip: If making a window
or centerpiece display, use straight pins to attach your bow to your gift box.
You’ll be able to re-purpose the bow or easily disassemble it.

After your party guests have all gone, save your ribbon and
bows for a re-run!

Tip: A curling iron or blow dryer will remove wrinkles
from ribbon, being careful to test temps when working with sheers.

Blog Posted By: En-May Mangels

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  1. Sherri Priest

    This is indeed to pretty unwrap! Mine would never turn out this good


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