Fun DIY: Winter Wonderland Pine-cones



I’m all about transforming the ordinary into extraordinary for my holiday and winter decorating for little cost. With a few lengths of  fabulous May Arts Ribbon, household supplies, a thrify store purchase and a few found fallen pinecones, you can create a shining, elegant hanging to great and welcome family, friends and neighbors this holiday season.




While browsing the internet, I stumbled upon the above image and was instantly drawn to the simple idea of hanging pinecones on ribbon for a stunning replacement to a fall wreath.  My goal: Glam up the original concept and transform it into a winter wonderland.




To make the Winter Wonderland Pinecone Hanging, gather a few supplies.




• ~ 3 yards May Art White Silk Ribbon (SK01)

• May Arts Trim, varying lengths

–       Satin Cut-out Snowflakes (EX31)

–       Wire Bead Trim in Silver (FY31)

–       Silver Metalic Braided Cord (347-14-31)

Helmar Adhesive

• Pinecones

• Glitter

• Snowflakes, pre-made

• Spray Paint (white, silver)

• Fishing Line




Start by transforming your pinecones. A few I spraypainted in white and , others I left natural and coated the tips of the leaves in Helmar Craft Glue and sprinkled glitter.

Then, knot one length of silk ribbon and adhere to end of pinecone. Repeat for each pinecone.




Tie fishing line each store bought, glittered snowflake ornament. Arrange each element to hang at varying lengths, include two strands of ribbon snowflakes and tie one large knot at the time of the hanging.




Wrap the final knot with cord. To add additional sparkle and shine, wrap a few pinecones with the beaded trim.




For a different look, replace the silver and white spray painted pinecones with gold and/or go with all natural pinecones dusted in gold glitter, use linen for hanging the pinecones and adorn with gold trim.


Blog post by: Karen Baker



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