DIY Anthropologie Inspired Pillow

I love perusing pricy websites to see what I can replicate. When I came across the Tassel Trace Pillow on the Anthropologie website I knew I had to make it.  Its such an easy design… and I knew I could do it for much less that $58.00, with some fun May Arts pom pom ribbon!

  Antropologie Inspired Pillow

I made the pillow from memory and thrift shop fabric, so it doesn’t look exact, but the idea is there and they only ran me about $5.00 a pillow! The May Arts large Pom Poms are perfect for this project. They come in 11 different colors so you’d be able to make this pillow in loads of color combinations.

  Antropologie Inspired Pillow

To make the pillow I cut two square pieces of fabric, the pillow on the Anthro site is 18” mine is a bit smaller. Cut strands of ½” pom pom ribbon and lay them evenly spaced across the square of fabric, sew each strand individually layering the next on top.

 Antropologie Inspired Pillow

When all your stands of pom pom are attached, put right sides together and sew around the parameter of the square, leaving a hole at the bottom large enough to fit your pillow form. Flip and stuff the pillow form in, close hole.

 Antropologie Inspired Pillow

Very easy to make, and big décor impact without the huge price tag! I hope you’ll join me at Fynes Designs for more fun crafting ideas!

Antropologie Inspired Pillow 

By Virginia Fynes

Other Supplies Used:

  • Linen fabric
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Pillow form




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