Fun DIY: Ribbon Lampshade

Ribbon Lampshade

A ribbon lampshade is a fun way to brighten up a room or spruce up an old shade.  There are many versions and samples available online, but I found this method the easiest for the type of metal base that I was working with.

Shellye McDaniel Ribbon Lampshade1

From the top metal ring to the bottom measured approximately 7″.  I measured each length of my ribbon 16″; just make sure to cut enough so that you can manage tying a knot. 

Shellye McDaniel Ribbon Lampshade4

I started with the widest ribbon first and wrapped the pieces in between the vertical wires.  Knot at the bottom and them trim the excess as desired.

Shellye McDaniel Ribbon Lampshade3

Fill in with smaller ribbons.  I chose to use grosgrain because I knew it could resist the heat from the lightbulb.  Tie on a variety of smaller pieces of ribbon around the base of the frame until it has been covered completely.  

Ribbon Lampshade

By Shellye McDaniel


Other Supplies Used:

  • Lampshade Metal Frame




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