Make Your Own Bow Back Shirt

Bow Back Shirt

Now that your kiddos have headed back to school I’m sure your pockets are drained, from the busy summer and back to school shopping. Today I have an idea to spruce up an old shirt for next to nothing! I picked up this out of season shirt for $2, it had long sleeves and a small snowflake on the bottom- basic but needed a little umph!

Bow Back Shirt

I first cut the sleeves off and added an 5/8″ eyelet trim to finish the seam.

Bow Back Shirt

I then created 7 bows from 1.5″ polka-dot grosgrain, in a variety of colors. Depending on the age of the child the amount of bows may need to be adjusted, mine is size 4. To create the bows cut an 8” piece of polka-dot ribbon and a 1.5” strip of 5/8″ twill. Temporarily tack in the center, pinch to gather and hot glue the small band around.

Bow Back Shirt

 To apply the bows to the shirt, iron a small strip of interfacing on the wrong side of the shirt, sew the bows around the parameter of the twill creating a square in the center.

Bow Back Shirt

I also sewed a small bow to the front to hide the snowflake (optional). The shirt is completely washable, and the grosgrain bows will hold shape!

Bow Back Shirt

Have your little one strut their stuff in their cute bow back shirt!

Bow Back Shirt

Follow this link to see another great May Arts t-shirt refashion transformation. Thanks for joining me today!

Blog post by: Virginia Fynes


  1. Louise

    I think I’ll do this for my great granddaughter. Very cute.

    1. Renee Quirk

      Thanks Louise!!

  2. Renee

    This is tooooooo cute!!!!

  3. ava g


  4. TracyM #6773

    What a fun and fabulous idea Virginia!!!
    … I can see that there will be two very happy & cute little girls AND lots of other little girls (& their mothers) putting in special orders for bow back shirts just like these 🙂


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