DIY Ribbon Bookmarks

Hello ribbony fans – DeeDee here today with a fun little gift that’s easily personalized. Recently, The Ribbon Lady asked us what we do with all of our ribbon projects, and the two most popular answers were: “Give them away as gifts” and “Keep them for ourselves.”  It got me thinking about a Ribbon Bookmark I had made in the past. Couple that with Mother’s Day recently passed and I knew just what to send my mama!

She’s big on elephants and pirates (among other things, but I chose these two) and I knew I had some awesome pirate style charms laying around. So I set out with some resin, an elephant mold, the charms and some delicious BH10 stitched grosgrain ribbon to create this :

DIY Ribbon Bookmarks

Now the resin part is the hardest, and I’ve videotaped that portion of the creation process to help demonstrate “attaching” the ribbon to the resin pendant. You can use any type of mold and or resin you like, these two are just my favorite. The mold I created from a vintage elephant piece myself, and the resin is a super quick curing Amazing Casting Resin. This resin and the May Arts ribbon are like.. a match made in heaven. Between the quality of the resin and the superiority of the woven ribbons from May Arts, there’s no need for an outside adhesive. Please watch this video for the how to and to SEE what I mean :

Soooooooo superb! It’s all about timing. You can see the resin curing, just plop your ribbon down on top and there you have it! I would suggest keep in mind your giftee’s book preference. You’ll want to trim your ribbon to the appropriate size. My mother reads smaller paperback books, so I kept mine on the smaller side.

DIY Ribbon Bookmarks

I finished the ribbon bookmark with previously mentioned found objects, bits n bobs. I tied a knot in the ribbon and strung some things through the knot.

DIY Ribbon Bookmarks

And there you have it! You can customize the ribbon type, width, color, the resin color, altering, the baubles at the bottom. It can be grungy, vintage, glamorous, sports colors, monochromatic, rainbow.. it can be whatever it needs to be for your giftee. Thanks for visiting me today!

By DeeDee Catron


Other Supplies Used:

  • Amazing Crafting Products (Resin and Mold Putty)
  • Acrylic paint, jewelry supplies, found objects




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