DIY For Girls: Ribbon Wands

Hi, Virginia here today from Fynes Designs. When I was recently asked to make ribbon wands for an elementary end of school fun fair I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Ribbon wands are so easy to make and the whirl of color makes the kids so happy!

 DIY Ribbon Wands

To make a ribbon wand like these ones you will need a dowel, (cut into 3 even pieces, eye hooks, a drill with a small drill bit, and May Arts ½” Solid Wrinkled Ribbon in various colors.

 DIY Ribbon Wands

To attach the ribbon to the dowel you will need to drill a tiny pilot hole in the end of the dowel, then screw in the threaded eyehook. Cut lengths of ribbon approximately 1 yard each of 3 colors and tread through the eyehook. Tie the ribbon in a tight knot to secure.

 DIY Ribbon Wands

I promise the kiddos will love these ribbon wands, and they can even help to choose the ribbon colors, the EA line of solid wrinkled ribbon has loads of colors to choose from!

  DIY Ribbon Wands

These ribbon wands were a huge hit for the kids at the fun fair, so bright and colorful- perfect for summertime!

 DIY Ribbon Wands

Have you ever seen more joy?!

DIY Ribbon Wands 

By Virginia Fynes



Other Supplies Used:

  •  ½” Dowel
  • Eye hooks
  • Drill (optional, but makes the process much easier if you’re doing many)


  1. TracyM #6773

    FUN & FABULOUS idea Virginia!!!
    DELIGHTFUL photo, such JOY … it is wonderful to see the simple pleasures from our past making a come-back!!!

  2. Latrice

    Fun idea!!!

  3. Amante del Papel

    fantastic in beautiful colors!


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