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1/2 Inch Wrinkled Faux Silk Ribbon with Cut Edge

Length: 50 yards

Fiber Content: 100% Nylon

Series Name: EA-9

**The EA series has been affected by continued supply chain delays with the raw material used to make this ribbon. Most are now back in stock! The few that are still not back will be back soon!**

This ½ inch by 50 yard roll of solid color wrinkled ribbon will soon become your go to ribbon for all your sewing and craft needs.  Perfect for embellishing scrapbook pages and handmade cards.  Beautiful for wrapping packages and gift baskets.  This ribbon is also referred to as a “faux silk”. Although stiffer in nature, the light weight and wrinkled texture gives the impression of a dupioni silk. Along with our 100% silk ribbon, this ribbon is extremely popular for weddings and events.  See below for other width options this customer favorite is available in.

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Enter Desired Quantity In Number of Rolls (Example: 1, 4, 6)
  • EA-9-01 - WHITE

    101 in stock


    15 in stock

  • EA-9-03 NAVY (NEW)

    68 in stock

  • EA-9-04 - ROYAL BLUE

    50 in stock

  • EA-9-05 - LAVENDER

    41 in stock

  • EA-9-06 - MOSS

    20 in stock

  • EA-9-08 TAUPE (NEW)

    64 in stock

  • EA-9-09 - IVORY

    125 in stock

  • EA-9-10 - BLACK

    50 in stock

  • EA-9-14 - RED

    44 in stock

  • EA-9-15 - GREEN

    68 in stock

  • EA-9-16 - OLIVE

    52 in stock

  • EA-9-17 - PINK

    54 in stock


    72 in stock

  • EA-9-22 - FUCHSIA

    27 in stock

  • EA-9-25 - BURGUNDY

    104 in stock

  • EA-9-27 - YELLOW

    74 in stock

  • EA-9-28 - ORANGE

    61 in stock

  • EA-9-30 GOLD (NEW)

    98 in stock

  • EA-9-31 LIGHT GRAY (NEW)

    87 in stock

  • EA-9-33 - BROWN

    36 in stock

  • EA-9-34 - LIGHT BLUE

    28 in stock

  • EA-9-35 - PLUM BROWN

    59 in stock

  • EA-9-44 - PERIWINKLE

    57 in stock

  • EA-9-46 - PARROT GREEN

    1 in stock

  • EA-9-83 SLATE BLUE (NEW)

    80 in stock


    Out of stock

    Notify me when item is back in stock.

  • EA-9-95 CHARCOAL (NEW)

    85 in stock

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