DIY Valentine’s Day Cone Trees To Give You Heart-Eyes

DIY cone trees aren’t just for Christmas! It’s a simple and fun DIY for less that can work for any season. Spruce up your mantle, kitchen counters, and more with different sized cones.

Supplies You’ll Need:

  •  4 Paper Mache Cones (Find at your local craft store or online supply company)
  •  May Arts Ribbons (of course!)
  •  Tape (if you want to re-use the cones’ looks throughout the year) or hot glue gun (if you want to make the look permanent)

Paper Mache Cones for DIY Ribbon Cone Trees


Place the cones and your other supplies on your workspace. Try to envision what colors will work best together. Here we concentrated on traditional Valentine’s Day colors like red with the ruffle organza ribbon and pink with the burlap twine. We mixed in ivory with the burlap string and woven burlap, and tan with the velvet polka dot frayed cotton because we wanted to go for a more farmhouse natural look!

DIY Ribbon Cone Tree Cotton with Velvet Polka Dot Ribbon

Start wrapping your ribbon! Overlap the ribbon if you want a more messy look, this technique tends to lend itself to primitive décor because if it’s too neat it doesn’t give that vintage vibe. Or, cut the ribbon just enough to wrap around the cone. Tape or glue at the back of the cone so no one sees the seams.

VDay Valentines Project Velvet Polka Dot RIibbon Cone


Once finished wrapping, you can fancy up the bottom of the cone by applying May Arts’ signature adhesive ribbons! It makes a great border, and it’s as easy as stick and peel.

Repeat these steps on the other cones! And then display your beautiful creativity for all to see!

DIY Valentine's Day Craft V-Day Ribbon Cone Tree Ribbon Craft


What are you waiting for? Get creating for Valentine’s Day!



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