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1/2 Inch Woven Burlap Braid Ribbon

Length: 20 Yard

Fiber Content: 100% Jute

Series SKU: 408-05

This 1/2 inch by 20 yard ribbon is a woven burlap.  It will add a natural touch to floral arrangements, wreaths and craft projects of all kind.  This product can be stretched wider to fit a project. A burlap bow brings wonderful texture to packages and gift baskets.

Burlap always seems to be on-trend. Explore other burlap wholesale ribbon options.

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  • 408-05-03 NAVY

    160 in stock

  • 408-05-09 IVORY

    151 in stock

  • 408-05-10 NATURAL

    229 in stock

  • 408-05-16 OLIVE

    135 in stock

  • 408-05-27 YELLOW

    156 in stock

  • 408-05-28 BITTERSWEET

    101 in stock

  • 408-05-35 PEWTER

    81 in stock

  • 408-05-38 ORANGE

    114 in stock

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